Friday, November 18, 2011

Get Out of Bed Sleepy Head!

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 
What floats your boat?  
What fires you up?
What are you doing here?
What is your purpose?
What steps are you taking to pursue that purpose?

I've been asked many times..."how do you stay so excited about what you do?
 Honestly, I can tell you that I don't always wake up "chipper" or ready to jump out of bed.  Sometimes I just want to pull the covers over my head and say, "I'm already behind schedule, how am I going to get caught up today?"

However...something in me is PUSHING me.  To say that it's "drive" would be saying that it's something I possess in my flesh that I rely on...but the truth be's not anything in's the PASSION of the Holy Spirit that COMPELS me to want to run this race!

You can have the prompting and energy of the Holy Spirit in you but still be lazy.  The key is "listening, following and obeying."  You must TELL YOUR FLESH..."you will not be will follow the promptings of the Holy will do what you're told - without complaining!"

You can increase the PUSH of the Holy Spirit in you by...

1. Spending time with God!
  • My best time with God is when I'm all alone.  No cell phone, TV, Internet...etc.  Just me and HIM...Isolated from everything and everyone!  Sometimes, you'll have to get up extra early so you can have your ALONE time with Him.  How is God going to IGNITE our church if I'm not personally ignited first?  This requires SACRIFICE!  The time we spend in prayer alone with God ... has nothing to do with getting ready for a has everything to do with God convicting me, speaking to me, challenging me and leading me in His direction.
2. Getting out of the barnyard
  • If you cluck with chickens you'll never soar with the eagles.  The people you are surrounded by are either ADDING or SUBTRACTING the PUSH out of you!  Do inventory right now and ask who is a (minus) in my life and who is a (plus)?  
    • "Minus" people will DRAIN the life right out of you with their defeated spirit and negativity.  They are lazy, arrogant, have an entitlement spirit and expect you to CARRY them.  They are TAKERS...SELFISH and interested in their own needs first. A "minus" person will take all the heat out of the room with their DEFEATISM spirit.  However...
    • "Plus" people find ways to INCREASE, ADD and MULTIPLY and look for solutions! They show up on time, do their work with EXCELLENCE, speak when spoken to, LIFT the hands of others, OFFER ideas that will ADVANCE the Kingdom of God.  They do WHATEVER it takes to get the job done!  THOSE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE THAT PUSH ME!
3. Relaxing! 
  • Honestly, it's difficult for me to relax.  My mind is always moving.  It's something I have to really work on...REALLY!  Even when we go on takes me a couple of days to DETACH from my mental planning and preparing.  I will BURN OUT if I don't take a "chill pill!"  God did not create me to run 24/7 as fast as the six million dollar man (that's 1970's for you young leaders reading it...ha ha)!  The best part about relaxing my mind and resting my body is when I come back...I'm ON FIRE and REFUELED! 
4. Toning up!
  • I feel so much better physically when I work out!  It not only affects my body...but my mind and spirit are enhanced as well!  There are a lot of Christians who hold to the Scripture, "bodily exercise profiteth little." (1 Timothy 4:8) ... YOU FEEL BETTER when you exercise!  Honestly, If I'm to lead a growing church...I have to take care of myself physically.'s not fun...but it's definitely rewarding!  I've met a lot of people in the Lord's work that have so much to offer...but they aren't physically able because their bodies restrict them.  (Preaching all over myself here)
5. Taking the Garbage out!
  • If it stinks, it probably needs to be out on the curb.  Are there areas that need to be changed in your life?  If you are in a RUT...then it might be best to make some changes.  Every once in a while I have to clean out my closet and the garage.  Things get cluttered there. Clean up the clutter and you'll rediscover where your passion went. 
6. Tuning out Negativity!
  • Don't even waste your time trying to explain yourself to the critics!  If you come down off the wall to put out the fires of gossip, they'll light them faster than you can put them out.  Your friends don't require an explanation. One thing I've had to SETTLE in my heart is to not become obsessed with what people who don't know me think about me. When you serve in the Kingdom, people will take "pot shots" at you.  Expect it, deal with it and move on!
7. Surrendering to His plan!
  • His plans prevail.  His ways are higher!  He loves the church more than I do.  The world is in His hands...not mine.  If He called me to this work...He'll sustain me to do the work regardless of what I go through.  He was here long before I was...He's put in more hours than I have.  He has greater plans for this ministry than I do!  His power is so much greater than my performance!  It's His plan...I'm just facilitating what He's orchestrating!