Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Love CAN DO People!

It is so refreshing to be around POSITIVE people.  They lift you up and keep you focused on what's really important.

I believe each of us should be held accountable for our attitude.  Besides, Philippians 2:5 says we are to have the attitude of Christ.

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:"

Sure, we've all had bad days - days where we had less than the best attitude...we all have them.  We're not perfect and we certainly live in a less than perfect world.

Knowing that we all have a bad day from time to one thing.  But what about the person who treats everyone around them like their inferior?  Ever been around this kind of person?  I have little tolerance for someone who treats people like this.  Why do we tolerate this attitude?

If we are going to live a positive life...then we need positive people around us.  People who have a "CAN DO" attitude. 

Pastors need positive people around them as well.  There's nothing worse than when you're casting vision and someone's rolling their eyes, yawning, making groaning noises, checking their phone & doodling - as if they're bored out of their mind.

Keeping a positive attitude is infectious. Even if faced with a challenge, positive people will speak in honest faith and look for solutions.

One of the things we say around BFWC is "don't bring a problem without a solution."  In other words, even if you have a tough issue that needs to be dealt with, before you walk into the office please bring a solution as well.

Are you a "Can Do" person?  Do you see solutions when faced with difficulties?  We cannot avoid problems or less than perfect scenarios, but we can choose to see the positive in everything.
  • Choose to be a positive person. 
  • Choose to light up the room with your contagious smile. 
  • Choose to give honest, yet positive input even in the midst of less than positive circumstances.
  • Choose to lift the arms of your leaders.
  • Choose to think positive.