Thursday, December 26, 2019

Unlock Your Destiny

God thinks in GENERATIONS. Whatever starts with you is to be finished in generations to come, & without sonship there are no generations.

Many times in the Bible, the blessing or favor of God is attached to having children. This is because God is always thinking about LEGACY.

Do you remember when God told Abraham that He would bless him? Abraham’s reaction was, “How are you going to bless me if I can’t have sons?” He understood that you need SONS & NOT SERVANTS for you to be really blessed...& God agreed with him.

Sons need fathers & fathers need sons.

Sons BURY their vision in the soil of submission to a father. Then, after FAITHFULNESS...comes FRUITFULNESS (multiplication stage) & true subduing the earth.

Luke 16:12 reminds us that if you have not been faithful to what belongs to someone else, nobody can give you what belongs to you.

FEELINGS of FRUSTRATION can set in, when we do not follow the principles of the Kingdom.

The first Adam was born grown. He did not have anyone to submit to so that he could develop his character. No wonder, at the first test, he could not submit to God because he had not been trained & developed.

The second Adam (Jesus) grew up in the home of a father. Jesus submitted to his parents at the age of 12 when he made a decision to follow them back home from the temple & submit & serve them for 18 years & secondly to John the Baptist when he submitted to his vision & assignment & then produced sons that carried His dream to save the world by reintroducing the “Kingdom” back to mankind!

Sonship is the master key to unlock your destiny!

I speak not from theory...but by practice. I’ve discovered that Sonship is liberating & affirming. Because I am a spiritual son I have the privilege of being a spiritual father. This is indeed a blessing & the true key to dominion on the earth!

Understanding this kingdom principle will posture you for long lasting posterity...if you allow it to be engrained in your living.

I’ve learned that the Father/Son relationship is RELATIONAL not POSITIONAL.

You may start off with positional fathers (people who you follow because of their position in your life) but God will lead you into spiritually organic relationships, of likeminded fathers, where your sonship will be tested in the process of time.

If you pass the test, you gain LEGACY & MULTIPLICATION. If you do not pass the test, you will continue to take retakes. Quite honestly, I’ve seen people remain in the same grade, repeatedly, until they learned how to bury their seed (themselves) in the soil of submission.

Again, SONSHIP is the master key to unlock your destiny!