Monday, August 9, 2010

Super to your Natural

Ever thought about what the word "anointing" means? In Full Gospel circles we tend to view this word as a "trance-like state" of spiritual power. It is believed by some that to really be "anointed" you'll become more spiritual and empowered beyond your natural abilities.

After hearing someone preach or sing, we're infamous in saying things like, "now, that was anointed" - many times based upon the fact we received a goose bump during their performance or are drawn to their particular "flavor" of ministry performance.

But is that really the anointing?

Are we only anointed when we preach, sing or prophecy? Can we not also be anointed when performing an administrative or operational function? How about when serving another leader? What about cleaning the church?

Are we any "less" anointed in a service role? When I was serving as a youth pastor, a minister whose name I will not mention said to me that "one day I'd have my own church." He made reference that when I stepped "up" into a Sr. Pastor's role I'd experience a real anointing.

Honestly, that type of thinking in the body of Christ has put a bad taste in my mouth. As if...serving in a youth pastor's role was not fully anointed or cleaning the church or ushering was only a temporary place to serve on my way to something "REAL" in God's Kingdom.

Friend, I was fully anointed to serve in every role God assigned me to, regardless of what others thought. To this day, I have a toilet brush anointing. I can clean with the best of 'em and I'm not ashamed to play second chair, carry water, clan a toilet, stack chairs or turn out the lights and lock the door.

Wherever you are presently serving, be assured the anointing of God is upon you in full measure irregardless of other people's opinions.

Here's what I believe...we are anointed by God to perform the task He assigns us to do! Whenever God calls you to do something, He'll also empower you to perform that assignment. It doesn't take long to recognize the anointing in someone else. However, can you recognize the anointing in your own life?

  1. The anointing will give you understanding of what needs to be done.
  2. The anointing will direct you to the practical.
  3. The anointing will cause you to do the unexpected.
  4. The anointing will help you speak words to edify.
  5. The anointing will feed you.
  6. The anointing will make you aware of needs.
  7. The anointing will give you endurance.

Rest assured, if God has called you...He will give you what you need to accomplish His work!