Monday, August 8, 2011

Is Accountability a Thing of the Past?

What does accountability mean?  A willingness to accept responsibility for your actions.

It seems we're living in a day where the thought of being accountable is a thing of the past.  More and more, the attitude of the world and it's unwillingness to accept responsibility is creeping it's way into the culture of the church. 

There used to be a day when a person made a mistake...they owned up to their mistakes and accepted full responsibility for their actions ALONG WITH the consequences for their actions.  But this is no longer the case...even amongst Christians.

Today, the pattern of blaming others and covering our tracks is the "norm."  It is normal in today's culture:
  • To pass the buck and shift the blame.
  • To respond defiantely when correction is given.
  • To "buck up" against all forms of authority.
  • To run away from our responsibility rather than face it.
  • To justify our sin rather than turn from it.
  • To refuse correction if it's not delivered to our liking.
Question:  When do we take responsibility for our actions? 
Question:  What are we teaching our children when we do not make them take responsibility?

Are we that "far gone" from biblical principles
that the spirit of this world now dictates
to the church what we will or will not do?

Do we sit idly by and allow the spirt of compromise to claim our children - or even our adults who "should know better?"

The bottom line is this:  If we make a mistake (no matter how big or small) we must ADMIT it...REPENT of it...and ACCEPT full responsibility for it.  Then...and only then...can we move forward and receive the process of healing and restoration. 

When I was a child, if you acted up in church or did something that was clearly unacceptable, the church mothers would CORRECT you right on the spot!  Never once did I see my parents get upset with those folks.  In fact, if the church mothers had to correct better believe that I got double discipline when I got home.

My parents had the philosophy that they weren't going to let me "SHAME" them with my bad behavior.  They knew that I needed to accept responsibility for my actions and they would discipline me because they were keeping watch over my soul and PREPARING me for my future!


Today...parents rush to defend their children's behavior and DARE anyone to say anything in the form of correction to them.  That's why we have the mess in this world that we have.  Parents who run to the school and say "don't talk to my baby like that."  Perhaps we need to reinstitute CORPORAL PUNISHMENT and start with the parents. 

We must remember that the church is to RAISE THE STANDARD...not lower it to accomodate our indiscretions.  If we don't STAND UP and hold one another ACCOUNTABLE...then we will sink further and further into the mire of compromise and ABSOLUTE TRUTH will absolutely be a thing of the past.

I raise my hand to testify today that I deserved every spanking I received from my parents and those church mothers.  If I'm really honest...I deserved more spankings for the stuff I got away with that nobody knew about.

We have a accept responsiblity or to run from it.