Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Forerunner Generation (Part 1)

When you read the last chapter of Malachi it contains a mandate to restore the heart of the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers. (Malachi 4:6) 

In essence, God would send the spirit of Elijah 400 years later in the person of John the Baptist to lay the ground work for a Father/Son Model.  (Also known as double portion anointing and/or apostolic reformation.)  John the Baptist is referred to as a "FORERUNNER."

When we talk about the spirit of Elijah, the mouthpiece of the Old Testament, we get a reminder of his accurate prophetic words and his miraculous moments.  But I would say that his spiritual fatherhood is perhaps the most needed in the Body of Christ today.

What we see happening, as we're truly awakening to a KINGDOM MINDSET in the church, is a rising up of prophetic believers who are passionate for truth and who desire more than institutional orphanage amidst a house full of capable fathers.

Sons must have fathers who have an unwavering voice of truth in the face of opposition, yet with a wisdom and grace that guides even the most misguided.  Sadly, we've been inundated with the voices of super spiritual fruits, emotional flakes and hypocritical nuts.  (Granola Group)

I'm persuaded that there will be no manifestation of sons until there's a meaningful impartation from fathers.  Spiritual fathers who will invest time and energy into their spiritual children.

Elijah had a responsibility to not only invest in Elisha through the miraculous but to also shape his son's life and ministry for a double portion impartation.

Where are the Spiritual Fathers?

We mourn the death of spiritual fathers today.  Who is picking up their mantle?  Are we suffering from a parental drought which in turn is hindering the purposes of God in this apostolic revolution?

Without a father, who has a heart to train and disciple the gifting's of their sons, emerging apostles will not be trained and released like they should.

Allow me to speculate.  Perhaps the reason we have a slow growth in the developing of fathers is because our forefathers had no fathering model to relate to.  With the scarcity of a model to go by, subsequently knowing how to father others is a step into the unknown...and as we've become accustomed...what we don't understand...we avoid.

That is why we MUST have spiritual fathers and mothers and spiritual sons and daughters who are willing to learn and grow into their respective roles together for the sake of future generations.

In my own spiritual house and in many places where I travel, I encounter young men and women who have a deep craving for spiritual fathers.

Even if we don't know how to be fathers ourselves, the emerging generation doesn't expect fathers to be "all knowing."  They just want fathers who are willing to TRY and who will identify with them and offer a sense of connectedness. 

More to come...