Monday, October 20, 2014

So, You Want To Be Used In Ministry?

Realize that God has called us all to be His hands & feet to the world. He has given us gifts, skills & talents that are unique to our personality. 

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin & don't force yourself into it or onto anyone. If you struggle with insecurity, you'll constantly be trying to make things happen for you rather than letting them happen for you. Truly, your gift will make room for you at the right time & in the right place if you'll just wait on The Lord. 

Don't be consumed with trying to find more to do...believe me, ministry will find you. Just stay focused on Jesus. Be loyal, humble, maturing, serving & patient. When you try to make things happen instead of letting them happen you end up frustrating yourself and others. 

Marinating takes time. 
Pottery takes time. 
Construction takes time. 

Ultimately you want the strength of an oak not the weakness of a weed to define your tenure. Oak trees take time to mature. 

Remember, if your Father affirms you, you won't lack security or be fearful of rejection. It's unnatural to be intimidated by rejection when you're so used to His acceptance. 

Be you. 
Be still. 
Be content. 

Let God bring you more when you can handle more. He knows when you're ready for the next level. Until you can pass all the tests at your current level, you're not ready for the next level. 

So, abide. Follow instructions. Bloom where you're planted. Serve with excellence. Shoulder your responsibility. Get up under your leaders arms. Put your best foot forward. Learn all you can. Refuse to be offended. Don't pout. Enjoy the process. God bring His promised provision to pass. :)