Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Humility: All Great Leaders Possess It

PRIDE is a sneaky enemy. No matter who you are, it can creep up on you.  It pops it's ugly head up in various stages & forms.  Wherever you see PRIDE...GRACE is absent. 

Leaders, especially those who are in supportive roles, must learn to stay HUMBLE. Every leader will be tempted to rely on their CHARISMA or GIFTS. This is why we may stay HUMBLE.

Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction & a haughty spirit before a fall."

To stay must CONTROL yourself.  Don't think more of yourself than you should. No matter what GIFTS God has given you, we must allow God to BREAK us else we will struggle with HUMILITY.

Your GIFTS came from God but satan can try to use them to CONTROL your mind and spirit to bring about your destruction.

CHECK yourself.  See if you have any of the following PRIDEFUL TENDENCIES:

  1. You are OFFENDED when your superior talks to you.
  2. You don't take NOTES when your leader is speaking, teaching or preaching.
  3. You feel you know the TOPIC better than your leaders.
  4. You feel you have more REVELATION than your leaders and others.
  5. You try to get people to TAKE YOUR SIDE and tell 1/2 of the story, neglecting to tell about your willful disobedience or issues.
  6. You model DISRESPECT to others toward your leaders.
  7. You PROMOTE yourself more than your leaders.
  8. You feel you DESERVE more ENTITLEMENT and a better POSITION than what you have presently been given.
  9. You feel you DESERVE the same PERKS as your leaders do.
If you have any of these thoughts or are in PRIDE, and you need a SPIRITUAL PURGING so that you will be able to LAST in ministry.
  1. Begin working on yourself
  2. Stay Humble
How you respond to the INSTRUCTION of your leaders shows how much HONOR you have for them and the type of VICTORY that will follow you.

Remember this:
  • You'll never be GRATEFUL for what you feel ENTITLED to.
  • Don't take for GRANTED the opportunities you've been AFFORDED.
  • If you feel like you're MISSING out, find out what you're MISSING and make it right.
  • Remain in PRAYER. 
  • Crucify your FLESH.
  • HONOR. 
  • SERVE.
  • Do what you do with JOY and be THANKFUL for the OPPORTUNITY.
If you're going to do well, you must always thank God and appreciate Him for counting you worthy and putting you in the ministry.  

Realise this:  Your call and calling is not a right of yours; it is a privilege given to you by God and by your leadership.

When you realize that this is a privilege rather than a right, you will be GRATEFUL and ever humble like Apostle Paul...

1 Timothy 1:12 "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, and accounted me faithful, putting me into the ministry."