Thursday, April 23, 2020

I Might Sound Old School To Some

I might sound old school to some, but I was taught & trained by people who believe in CONSECRATION. We were taught, when you go out to MINISTER, if you want the ANOINTING of God to be upon you, then you must live a life of CONSECRATION, PRAYER & FASTING. In other words, you couldn't live "any ole' way" outside of the church & then expect God to "ANOINT" you when you were up in front of God's people. I still believe this.
There are so many people walking around with the GIFT but not serving the GIVER.
"GIFTS" aren't enough. You need the ANOINTING.
I've seen people who were incredibly gifted...who can speak, sing, hoop, etc., but have no integrity/character. The Bible speaks about a man named Samson...who used to "shake" himself till the power of God would come upon him. Eventually, PRIDE cost him the ANOINTING on his life because he didn't RESPECT the ANOINTING.
We live in a time where people do whatever they want & say, "Don't be judging me!" Friends, we NEED people in our life that will tell us to GET OUR ACT TOGETHER! We need SPIRITUAL FATHERS to FATHER! We need PASTORS to PASTOR. We need ELDERS to ELD & DEACONS to DEAC!
Old School,
Pastor Hylton