Friday, April 3, 2020

Not Today Devil, Not Today

If the enemy can divide your thoughts, he'll wear you out with thoughts of "give up", "it's not worth it", "no one cares" and "I just can't do this anymore".

Friend, shove those thoughts right back down the devil's throat! You will make it! You will succeed! You will see God's provision & promise come to pass in your life!

Sometimes before it's a's a JOB!

You have to be more determined to MAKE IT than to QUIT!  Just like a have to be more determined to STAY married than to NOT be married.

Years ago, Beverly and I made a decision to take the word DIVORCE out of our vocabulary. I'm not saying we haven't been frustrated in our marriage because in every marriage (or family relationships) you go through seasons.  You just have to make up your mind that YOU WILL NOT QUIT!

Right now, with the coronavirus situation, fear, anxiety, depression, uncertainty, financial hardships, etc., you can be certain that enemy is working OVERTIME to try to destroy you. But friend...YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER!  God has purposed to succeed...knowing you would have challenges to overcome!

I want to tell you today...DON'T QUIT!  DON'T STOP TRUSTING GOD! BE KIND TO YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS (and anyone for that matter) because everyone is going through something!  HELP one another!  

This is not a time to be SELFISH!  This is a time to be SELFLESS!

LOVE one another & punch the devil in the throat!  Tell him, "Not today devil...not today!"