Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Seven Acts of a Visionary Leader

1. Understand the need of vision: It's importance, it's impact, and it's potential application. You must devote serious time, energy, study and spiritual commitment to discerning God's vision for the ministry.
2. Own the vision: God had developed the vision for you specifically; it fits your ability, your situation, your gifts and your opportunities.
3. Make the vision real: This takes planning, goal setting, and some standard of accountability by which you mark your progress.
4. Cast the vision: The vision will inspire the follower to sacrifice personally in order to accomplish God's will. Make it simple, say it often and make it burn!
5. Put the vision into action: Part of your responsibility as a leader is not only to identify, cast and sell the vision, but also to insure that it becomes a reality.
6. Refine the vision: Understand that the core elements (the heart) of the vision will not change but the methods by which we bring it about will.
7. Reinforce the vision: Always reinforce the follower's decision. Always encourage the team that without their hard work and continuing passion, it would never be accomplished.
BFWC Leader - what two things could you do personally to ensure the vision of BFWC comes to pass?