Thursday, March 28, 2019

Which VIC are you?

You can love someone dearly, believe in them, teach them, impart to them, train them, lead them, give them every opportunity & place high expectations on them.  

But you can’t make them.

Sometimes, in an effort to ignore internal insecurities & deeply rooted issues, that pre-date you, they’ll attempt to play the victim. They may act like their doing all they can do to please you, but it’s never enough-- that you don’t like them & thus you’re picking on them for no reason.

But the truth is, you’re trying to lead them out of learned behaviors, internal wranglings & dysfunctional patterns, while teaching them how to become what they say they want to be...out of a deep love you have for them.

But again, you can’t make them.

When someone plays the victim, they will convince themselves & attempt to convince others that they are being picked on for no reason. They ignore the fact that they are being given multiple opportunities to fix areas that need corrected, but keep returning to the same patterns. If only they would make the necessary changes & come up to the level they are being challenged to achieve...because you believe in them.  Things can be very different, if they will just do what they need to do.

But once again, you can’t make them.

People who convince themselves that they’re not “liked” by certain people or aren’t good enough have allowed their emotions get the best of them & thus they fumble down a repeated road of unnecessary emotional pain.  Sadly, this is a generational cycle they were raised in & will more than likely repeat again with the generation coming behind them, unless it’s finally dealt with.

They will feel they’re being excluded, when in reality they have always been included at every turn.  They will mis-read information, internalize it & then retreat deeper in the wrong direction.

They will convince others that things have been really rough on them & they don’t know how much more they can take. Their friends & family, going only on the information they’ve been given, will be convinced that they certainly are being victimized & it’s unfair.  But what their friends don’t know is that at every turn provisions have been made to provide blessings, opportunities & advancement. However, promotions only come when we pass the test(s). Until then, we must keep taking retakes till we eventually pass the test. You can’t continue to blame the teacher if you keep failing the test.

We can’t play the victim when we wrote the script.

The good news is that there is hope for someone who has mastered the role of “victim.”  If they will acknowledge the areas that need to be worked on, begin correcting learned behaviors & determine to retrain their thinking...they can begin moving forward in victory!

They can achieve their “dream.”  

One day, if their capacity can shoulder it, they’ll have the opportunity to carry the responsibilities they desire. Then & only then, will they realize the full weight of that responsibility.

I’ve said it for years, “If you can’t do it here, you can’t do it there.”  It’s still true.  Your NEXT is in your NOW.  If you can’t master the basics where you’re at now, how do you ever think you would be able to carry the full weight somewhere else?  It just doesn’t work like that.

Thank God we have people in our life who love us enough to hold us accountable, cut away the rough edges & push us to the place of fruit development & dream fulfillment! They’re not our enemy even though we may think they “harp” too much on “honor, alignment, protocol, etc.”  In actuality, they’re doing everything they can to prepare us...even if it means teaching on the same subjects repeatedly.

A victim's mentality is an evil stronghold used by Satan to bind the wounded. You're either a VICTOR or a VICTIM. Which VIC are you?

Thursday, March 21, 2019


  1. DISCIPLINE not DESIRE...determines your DESTINY. If our desire to change isn’t stronger than our addiction to comfort, we won’t SACRIFICE for change.

  2. We don’t get what we want, we get what we PREPARE for. We often want success but prepare for failure. Sync your DESIRE with your LABOR.

  3. If we’re saying we DESIRE something but aren’t willing to put in the work to acquire it, we really don’t desire it...we just ADMIRE it.

  4. Do we have the DISCIPLINE to do what God has called us to do? It starts first with being FAITHFUL in the elementary things...easy things like church attendance. How is it that we can make it to work but always have an excuse on Wednesday & Sunday? #discipline

  5. If we DISCIPLINE ourselves, others won’t have to.

  6. One of the most important keys to SUCCESS is having the DISCIPLINE to do what you know we should do, even when we don’t feel like doing it.

  7. Do we have the same amount of DESIRE for The Word of God, Church Attendance, Prayer & Discipleship that we do for our hobbies, exercise, concerts & sports? PURSUIT is the PROOF of DESIRE.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

10 Things About Honor

1. HONOR produces ANOINTING. Jesus honored His earthly father, Joseph.

2. HONOR will cause you to EMERGE from behind those you’ve served, without ECLIPSING who you’ve served. 

3. HONOR means I'm respecting what I'm becoming. #FatherSon 

4. What you HONOR, you attract. What you dishonor, you forfeit.

5. Refusing to HONOR the leaders you have chosen to serve under means you think little of yourself. If they're not worthy of honor, why are they leading you?

6. Young Preacher: Older preachers need your strength. You need our wisdom. Mutual HONOR creates an unbreakable bond. Seek covering. #FatherSon

7. Dear Pastor: HONOR God by blessing His people, whether it benefits you or not. He will see to it that you are duly rewarded.

8. If your leader bestows HONOR on you, don’t get the big head. Pride is an honor extinguisher! Stay humble & HONOR will seek you out. 

9. Sowing is an act of worship! "HONOR the LORD with thy substance & with the firstfruits of increase" Proverbs 3:9

10. No matter how righteous you think you are, if you can’t/won’t HONOR God by following basic instructions/requests from your leaders...HONOR will elude you. 


God never asks us to submit, unless He is trying to position us to receive Greater Grace! 
• Humility attracts Grace. 
• Grace gives HONOR!

Who Do You Give Your Ear To?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday Momentum 3-18-19

Good Decisions

“You are a witness to your own decision,” Joshua said. “You have chosen to serve the Lord.” “Yes,” they replied, “we are witnesses to what we have said.”
‭‭Joshua‬ ‭24:22‬

• GOOD DECISIONS can save your life & establish a good testimony with others. Start today.

• Be HONORABLE. Don’t handle your personal business through impersonal emails & texts. Choose integrity, & speak with people face-to-face. Anything less lacks character.

• Never listen to someone else’s complaints & gripes without realizing there’s probably more to the story than you’re being told. Never take on someone else’s offense. It’s their issue not yours.

• Good decisions will be surrounded with PEACE...not turmoil.

• Never forget the POWER & PROTECTION of the local church. Every Christian must have a covering & a place to fulfill The Lord’s commandments. You’re never too “grown” & so “wise” to stop faithfully attending a local church. If you feel you are...I have news for aren’t.

• I believe The Holy Spirit will Lead you Into all truth. He will help you make GOOD DECISIONS!

• Remember...hang around people who bring out the WINGS in you, not the WORM in you! They’d have you CRAWLING, while God would have you FLYING!

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Real Ministry Is...

Everyone wants a πŸŽ€, but few can barely take care of these... πŸ§ΉπŸ”¨ πŸ”§πŸ—‘πŸš½.
Ministry is more than hoopin’ in a pulpit, wiping your sweat with a beach towel, having 10 armorbearers (& you Pastor 20 ppl), selling olive oil on your website, establishing a 501C3, prophesying on Facebook but can’t be faithful to a local church & sit under a Grace gift (Pastor - Ephesians 4:11), always big talking but don’t even tithe.
Real ministry is cleaning up other people’s πŸ’©, because you know a toilet brush anointing far exceeds someone who has a lot of talky talky but no walky walky.

Real ministry is praying with & believing in people no matter what mistakes they’ve made. It’s covering people & treating them with loving care, like they are your own children.
Real ministry is arbitrating with families who are in turmoil between themselves & you end up taking the heat & being the “bad guy”, after they “make up” & leave you in a New York minute once they’ve got their fix.
Real ministry is marrying & burying people...dedicating their children, baptizing them in water, celebrating their wins, helping them pick up the pieces after their divorce, failed business, bankruptcy & sickness.
Real ministry is remaining silent & letting God defend your integrity, after you’ve been lied on, misunderstood, & misrepresented. It’s knowing you are professional & you represent Christ...& His church.
Real ministry is teaching the same Children’s Ministry class for 20 years & watching generations mature in The Lord.
Real ministry is just showing up & being faithful, because that’s who YOU are & you don’t need bells & whistles, balloons & cake or props from the pulpit because you do it for HIM & not your own ego.
Real ministry is knowing that when you EMERGE from behind those you’ve been serving, you don’t ECLIPSE who you’ve been serving.
It’s about HONOR. It’s about PRINCIPLE. It’s about ALIGNMENT. It’s about INTEGRITY. It’s about CONSISTENCY. It’s about FAITHFULNESS. It’s about doing whatever needs done, whenever it needs done, wherever it needs done!
Real ministry is building HIS Kingdom more than your kingdom. It’s about showcasing JESUS & His church than your daily “selfie” on Instagram.
I’m so thankful for our natural/spiritual fathers & mothers who taught us how to remain & abide in the faith…no matter what happens in this world or who comes & goes.
Real ministry is serving right where you are. Loving what you’re doing even when it’s not always lovely. It’s about being content in your NOW & not even realizing your NEXT is overtaking you just because you learned how to BE CONTENT.
Stop chasing after prophesies from Perkins House of Pancake & Prophecy. Stay rooted & established. You’ll keep your bounce & you’ll witness generational impartation, because you stayed in the trenches!
God is making ROOM for me in 2019! Claim it for you & your house, too!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

What Kind Of Son You Are Depends On What Mind Of Son You Are

The spiritual principle of sonship is an essential key to walking out your purpose in the kingdom of God. 

David had 20 sons...many of them missed sonship & in the process...missed out on their true callings. 

Sons like Absalom, who responded to conflict with violent retribution or Adonijah, who chose arrogant self-promotion over humility...never achieved their God-given destinies because they made bad decisions.

That’s why you need a spiritual covering. It’s essential. 

• “Spiritual DNA” is critical to your identity as a son.
• There are Scriptural foundations for spiritual mentorship or “parenthood.”
• You can avoid common pitfalls that have derailed destinies.
• A true son restores sonship to a broken world.

Ultimately, it’s up to us to choose what kind of sons we will be. Will we be sons of promise that choose honor, humility & communication? Or will we be sons of destruction that choose offense & insecurity? 

Staying under a covering has launched me into the destiny & purpose I was made for.  The challenges of learning how to be a son has shaped me into becoming a father. 

I’ve learned from my spiritual fathers:

• What to do & what not to do. 
• To sit still, on purpose, so that patience can have it’s perfect work. 
• To listen to what’s being said, even when they’re not speaking. 
• To wait to be “sent”...rather than “went.”
• To work on my areas of weakness. 
• To represent correctly. 
• To honor. 
• To serve.
• To Be hospitable. 
• To celebrate wins. 
• To flow seamlessly. 
• and so much more!

I cannot claim a spiritual father only when it’s convenient to me. I must learn to abide under their covering seasonly, dispensationally & continually. It’s life-long...& it brings long life. πŸ‘Š

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

After All, I Am Your Pastor

For every PASTOR that leads... For every PARISHIONER that follows... An open letter - "I will still be praying for you & possibly sticking my nose in your business. After all, I'm your pastor." πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜ƒ #KeepServing #KeepGiving #KeepLeading

Monday, March 4, 2019

5 Things

As you head off to work are 5 things to consider:

1. Your job may not be your calling. But it is your INCOME. Be GRATEFUL for it. Someone took a chance & hired you. PRAY for them! Mean them well. Do what you were hired to do. TITHE & you will be overwhelmingly blessed!! 

2. (THIS ONE IS SPECIFICALLY FOR ALL OUR BFWC FAMILY) After 20 years of pastoring, our record speaks...we aren’t GHOST people & we have no intention of vanishing or walking out of your life. We’re committed & we’re still investing in your spiritual development with integrity! We believe God is making #ROOM for your FAITH, FAMILY & FUTURE! #IAmNotAGhost 

3. (THIS ONE IS FOR ALL MY PASTOR FRIENDS) Sad truth today...TRANSIENT believers are a part of the 21st century church equation, just as it was in the early church! Don’t be discouraged Pastor! God has a PLAN & a PEOPLE that will show up in surplus!!!! FAITHFUL PEOPLE WILL FIND YOU! When they do BLESSINGS will come with them for your faithfulness! Stay focused...reaching your community for Christ will happen!!!

4. God LOVES you. He knows what He's doing. He hasn't forgotten you & He's not unrighteous to minimize the importance of your INVESTMENT in the ASSIGNMENT He has given you!

5. Don’t sweat over people who have GHOSTED you. Keep loving people, pouring into them & doing what God called you to do. Always remember...JESUS will NEVER ghost you. You can count on that!!! #ConsistentlyFaithful 

Are You Teachable?

When a teachable person receives CORRECTION they say, “I stand corrected.” When an unteachable person receives correction they say, “I’m being picked on.” (In other words...PRIDE prevents them from receiving growth.)

May the cry of REPENTANCE travail through the birth canal of true conviction, contrition & conversion in the church again.  

May we possess such a GODLY FEAR that we are stricken in our heart to sin against our God. 

Parental NEGLECT is the #1 cause of ill-adjusted kids. Kids need attention, conversation, recreation, correction & encouragement.

Through correction a father adjusts his son’s life to receive BLESSING. Without this adjustment he falls prey to a bastard spirit. (The Lord chastens those that are HIS. If He isn’t chastening you, perhaps you’ve never had a legitimate birth.) Hebrews 12:6-7