Thursday, April 13, 2017

When Leaders Can Be Led

You can be PRESENT but not PRESENT. Be the kind of leader that is ALL in & fully ENGAGED...even if you're not the one leading at the moment...guess what? YOU'RE STILL LEADING.
  • Leaders sit in the FRONT.
  • Leaders are fully ENGAGED.
  • Leaders inspire LEADERS.
  • Leaders PARTICIPATE.
In my experience, it has been seldom that I've seen Senior Leaders sit in the front row at conferences, seminars & training meetings. Normally they sit in the back, near the exit, with their head down and make statements like "I'm just here to observe." In fact, when called upon to participate they spend the majority of their time out in the hallway making calls & returning emails.

What would happen if the Senior Leadership of an organization, church, company, etc., announced that they would be attending a "training meeting", sat in the front row, asked questions they didn't know the answer to & kept eye contact with person leading the meeting?
I believe their presence would INSPIRE others to ask questions & be fully engaged as well.
However, it seems the more authority someone has, the less likely they appear to be engaged.
I believe leaders gain the respect of their followers when they LEAD by example.
  • If you call yourself a "minister", then be engaged when someone else is ministering.
  • If you call yourself a "worship leader", then be engaged when someone else is leading in worship.
  • If you call yourself a "leader", then be willing to lead when you're being led.
Leaders must lead by example. What better way to lead than to model learning & active participation in front of those you lead?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Jealousy Is A Trick

1. The time you spend monitoring another person's success is time wasted. You're COMPETING against time, not people. 
2. Stop COMPETING with the very people God is using to Bless you!
3. You cannot reach your destiny, if you're COMPETING with who you should be COLLABORATING with! 
4. When birds fly in structure & formation without COMPETING with each other, they COMPLIMENT each other. They STAY lifted.
5. People who walk in their blessings are NOT JEALOUS of other people who walk in their blessings!