Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Don't Mess With My Kids

Watching the news today & knowing the spirit of this age...this is my observation:
The spirit of rebellion against CIVIL authority becomes a spirit of rebellion against PARENTAL authority. No wonder there's a rebellion against SPIRITUAL authority in the church.

I've even seen it in the church when the church has to correct behavior that is "off" & then parents say, "don't mess with my kids" when they should be saying, "thank you for dealing with my kids."
Don't blame society, the school, the church or it's leadership for behavioral problems that parents can't or won't deal with. There's not enough compliments & rewards you can give someone who is determined to rebell, be disruptive or pay no attention to authority.
IT STARTS AT HOME. We all suffer when things are out of order.
The outcome = We become a rebellious people that can't stand to live with ourselves.
Let us take responsibility for "ours" instead of blaming society, the school or the church. The Spirit of God deals with us in grace & mercy to self-correct.
As a pastor, I can't preach anything that I haven't already preached. So let's start today to resist being offended when other folks have to deal with our kids. Be thankful that God is being faithful to our soul. He is determined to GROW us even when we don't like the process. Follow the Scriptures.
Proverbs 22:15 "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him."

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Contentment Is Great Gain

I would rather be doing the WILL of The Lord, in the PLACE of The Lord, in the TIMING of The Lord, than grasping for fulfillment & floating along without a spiritual HOME, COVERING & PURPOSE.

Peter went back to fishing (what he knew before), till he made his flesh obey the Spirit. The Lord’s calling upon his life brought him back to reality. Thank God he checked himself, before he wrecked himself.
There is nothing like being in the perfect will of The Lord....Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring. We never have PEACE, until we are reconciled to the Prince of Peace. The settled peace of God can’t be bought or exchanged with mere climates, conditions & circumstances.
Paul’s said it best...”But godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6
When we are in the will of The Lord, our conversation & actions will showcase/convey what God is doing...not so much what we’re doing. We’ll be promoting The Kingdom of God & what God is doing through us in faith & fellowship, as it pertains to our PLANTING.
If we’re not bearing fruit where we’re planted, we must till the soil, season it with water & nutrients, provide light, pull weeds, prune & begin expecting a harvest. Don’t complain about your WHAT or your WHERE, if you’re not committed to the WHY.
I’d rather be SPIRIT led than FLESH driven. #KeepingItReal

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Popcorn Prophecy

QUIT RUNNING TO & FRO COLLECTING "WORDS" Last week I shared a message called, "KNOWING THE WILL OF GOD". In my short journey with God, I've discovered that I must have an EAR to the voice of JESUS & those He has placed over me in Him. Instead of getting everyone else's OPINION of what I should do...I should be listening to the voice(s) of those He has set over my life to INSTRUCT me, CORRECT me, STRENGTHEN me & INVEST in me. What does it say about me...if I go to everyone else trying to get DIRECTION but I neglect the voice(s) of my leader(s). I say, It speaks volumes. Many people, in this last day, are driven by POPCORN PROPHECY. They run to anyone who seemingly has a "WORD" to give. But friend, we must be aware of the person(s) who are constantly giving WORDS out to everyone else but their own life is lacking stability. The Apostle Paul birthed many believers. He LED them & FED them. Since he had INVESTED in them, he had the authoritative right to be DIRECT with them & place a DEMAND on them. Again, be very careful running to and fro, collecting opinions. And on another a Pastor, when I hear the same name of a person coming up in multiple conversations, I realize that there is TOO MUCH TALK going on. Lord have mercy. Sister Hoopindidle is not your counselor. Your counselor is the HOLY GHOST. Everything you have need of is in the WORD of God. You don't need a word from Sister Hoopindidle to get you need an ALIGNED WORD from The Lord. And guess what? He's often using your PASTOR to point you in the right direction. I pray each of us will have an EAR TO HEAR according to the PATTERN of the five-fold GRACE GIFTS. (Ephesians 4:11-12) PS: If you're need a it is..."Get To Church!" 😁