Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Thank God for The Levites

TEAM, thank you for leading us every week! Serving in a Levitical role is SACRIFICIAL & SACRED.

In the Old Testament, the Levites (descendants of Levi - the 3rd son of Jacob & Leah) were set apart to serve in the temple to assist the priests in their duties.

- Maintaining the temple
- Teaching God's laws & commands
- Administering justice
- Serving as musicians

Today, we see this role filled in

They are responsible for leading the congregation in worship through music & song.

They use their musical talents to create an atmosphere of worship & to help bring people closer to God.

Although they are not necessarily called Levites today, they still have an important role to play in teaching God's Word. They help people understand & apply the teachings of the Bible.

They are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the church, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that the church is able to fulfill its mission.


1. Their FAITHFULNESS to God
When everyone else was worshipping the golden was the Levites who remained faithful to God & did not participate in idolatry.

2. Their LINEAGE
As descendants of Levi, they were part of the priestly line of Israel.

3. Their willingness to SERVE
When Moses asked for volunteers to carry out God's commands, the Levites were the first to step forward. They were the first to carry the responsibility of serving in the tabernacle & carrying out the various religious duties that were required of them.

Your service is that of the modern day Levite. Whether through worship leaders, church musicians, pastors & teachers or church administrators, the importance of serving God & contributing to the worship experience remains a vital part of the congregation.

When you use your talents & gifts to serve God & others, you are honoring the legacy of the Levites & contributing to the growth of the church.

Every Blessing,
Ps. Russell & Beverly 

Monday, September 4, 2023

Easy & Light

I received Jesus as my savior 45 years ago. (age 8 ) I grew up in the faith & my parents ensured that I was exposed to the teaching of God's Word.

In those days, if you wanted more than rules, that were tight with not much of an explanation other than, "because I said so", you had to dig for more understanding to receive it.
Today, there's not a lack of teaching or even a demonstration of the Spirit as much as we now have a "Frankensteined" Christianity to FIT our various tastes.
"GOD" has now become a "brand" or many "franchises". If you don't like calling Him "Father"...they are trying to tell us we can now call Him "Mother" or the God who has NO STANDARDS or BOUNDARIES.
The apostate (those who have abandoned the church that Jesus birthed), have turned the truth into an ugly lie...reducing the BIBLE (The Word of God) to a book of quotes, man made rules for Christian living & have given new names to old sins.
Grace has been weaponized to commit any sin you want without consequences. It has become a CROSS-LESS faith where grace is nothing more than a buzzword & living any lifestyle you desire is not only's celebrated.
The people who criticize the church are looking for every loop hole & non sacrificial path to make it to heaven. It's like they're saying, "Make it perfect & we'll come".
Jesus said His burden was "EASY & LIGHT". He didn't say there wouldn't be struggle, sacrifice & commitment.
Shaking my head at this confused world we live in. We must hold to The Scriptures as our only truth.
There isn't "Your truth" or "my truth"...there's only ONE TRUTH. Jesus said it was Him. If our lifestyle doesn't line up with His teachings...we err from any truth imagined.
There will never be peace in our lives until we reconcile with the Prince of Peace...Jesus.
The simple salvation plan still works.