Friday, November 20, 2015

The Punctuality of a King (Part 1)

Suppose you're the big cheese - King, CEO or guest of honor.  If someone else comes late to dinner, his dinner is cold.  But the dinner can't start without you, so if you come late to dinner, everyone else's dinner is cold too.  

Lack of punctuality by the king imposes a cost on everyone else.  Showing up on time is courteous to others...and it actually is a way of showing that the welfare of other people...matters to you. 

Is punctuality serious? Evidently not, for some. On the other hand, it is valued highly by others.

"PROMPTITUDE" is not only a duty but it is also good manners. It positions you with favor and increases your reputation and influence.


"I give it as my deliberate and solemn conviction 
that the individual who is habitually tardy in meeting 
an appointment, will never be respected 
or successful in life." - W. Fisk


Should Leaders be punctual? YES.  
A LACK of PUNCTUALITY sends the following message....

  • A lack of punctuality is a THEFT of someone else's time.
    • An employee who is continually late for work is STEALING their company's time.
    • Friends who agree upon a time to meet, but don't show up on time are trampling someone else's time under foot.
  • A lack of punctuality is a lack of RESPECT for others.
    • Most of us would never be late for an appointment with The President of the United States or a boss at work.
    • If we HONOR others better than ourselves, we will make it a point to be on time when meeting with them.
  • A lack of punctuality violates the GOLDEN RULE.
    • Matthew 7:12 states that we are to treat others as we would want to be treated.
    • Suppose you were teaching a class, and half the class was consistently late?  How would that make you feel about the time you spent preparing?
  • A lack of punctuality is a violation of the GREATEST COMMANDMENT.
    • We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and STRENGTH. (Mark 12:30)
    • Consider this...when we are late for meetings/appointments to worship God or to learn about God, it may be an indicator that God is not really as important as whatever it is that is causing to be late.  Of course, not all tardiness can be helped...but when we are habitually late, we must examine our attitude towards The Lord. 
    • If you are normally on time for other appointments but are usually late for worship or prayer...then consider your heart and whether you have TARDINESS OF THE SOUL. (Some might consider that as backsliding.)

  • A lack of punctuality is a loss of POWER.
    • The best plans in the world, the greatest intentions and the potential for increase are all sacrificed because someone is "ALWAYS LATE."
    • There are some people who always fail in whatever they undertake simply because they are always "BEHIND TIME."
    • Consider this...five minutes in a crisis is worth YEARS. Five minutes could be the difference between saving your finances and future.
    • If there is one VIRTUE that should be cultivated more than another it is PUNCTUALITY.
    • If there is one ERROR that should be avoided, it is being consistently LATE.
  • A lack of punctuality causes a loss FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE and REVELATION.
    • When you're late, you miss time to connect with the very people God wants to use to PROMOTE you or NETWORK you into your future.
    • The opportunity to be of SERVICE, should there be a last minute need, is lost when you're late.
    • The opportunity to HEAR some POINT, some TRUTH, that was presented prior to arriving lost.

Have you squandered opportunities 
due to a lack of punctuality?

Monday, November 16, 2015

You'll be 100% When You Learn To Be Content

What do you need to be HAPPY?  Some might say "people, places or possessions." Is happiness derived from JUST those things?

Some think that to truly be happy in life you need: 
  1. Someone to LOVE 
  2. Something to DO  
  3. Something to HOPE for
Honestly, I think those things are pretty spot on. However, we have a way of frustrating ourselves and relationships when we look for happiness where it doesn't exist - unrealistic goals, things, short-lived friendships or even trying to impress the wrong people.

HAPPINESS and CONTENTMENT aren't pills you take.  They are life choices you make internally and externally based on experience, security, desire and outlook.

10 Pitfalls That Lead To Discontentment

  1. People Pleasing - You end up getting hurt when you lose yourself trying to please everyone else.  You'll never be able to please everyone! At some point, you're going to have to hold on tight to who you are and not worry about losing the grip of others.

  2. Looking for the Easy Way - Honestly, you'll be happiest when you put the pedal to the metal and meet the rubber where it meets the road. That means, you have to be willing to do what no one else is doing. Being willing to work hard for your dreams will separate you from the day dreamers and will define you.  It's really the difference between living and existing!

  3. Insisting on Guarantees - To get to where you want to be, you have to tear walls down and build more bridges. You have to take CHANCES. RUN instead of walk. If you're going to be successful, you will have to be a DREAMER, a BELIEVER and a COURAGEOUS and CHEERFUL thinker!  The people that impress me the most and inspire me to dream lofty dreams of my own are POSITIVE MOTIVATORS, PRODUCTIVE DOERS and GO-GETTERS!

  4. Competing with Everyone - You'll wear yourself out trying to compete with everyone else! You don't have to be smarter, richer or more attractive than the person next to you. Honestly, the people who aren't COMPETING are ENJOYING life because they're not near as worn out trying to race around to be better than everyone else. Listen...if you're going to compete with anyone...compete with yourself!

  5. Being in Control - Friend...quit trying to control every aspect of your life.  RELAX and RIDE the path that life has you on and you'll discover a new found FREEDOM! It's when you take your hands off of everything that is insignificant and uncontrollable that you get to experience more of the GOODNESS in life!  I've begun to realize that it's often the UNEXPECTED SURPRISES that arrive when you are FLEXIBLE and OPEN to life's twists and turns.

  6. Event Driven - It's the small things that have the most meaning in our everyday life. Sometimes, we focus on the BIG EVENTS like weddings, graduations, parties, birthdays, anniversaries and vacations...but these TIMES PASS because TIME PASSES. Learn to take joy in the small, everyday the smile of your kids, the satisfaction of a home cooked meal or the fresh feeling of a manicured lawn.

  7. Relationship Affirmation - We need RELATIONSHIPS...but happiness and contentment originate from WITHIN.  We cannot rely on the external validation of other people to achieve happiness.  When we become co-dependent on other people to achieve our affirmation, we become vulnerable and easily hurt because of INSECURE FEELINGS. Never give people POWER over you.  Be at PEACE with who you are or you'll never be CONTENT with what you have or who you're with. LOVE yourself FIRST.

  8. Never Disagree - Honestly, as long as there are people, there will be DIFFERENCES of OPINION. That's OK. There will be times you'll see things differently from others and you will need to voice your opinion.  That's OK too.  However, it is not OK to be disrespectful in doing it. Effective communication is paramount! You have to talk it out sometimes.

  9. Past Possessed - Some people act like their past experiences were better than they actually were.  They look at the present like it's horrible and they consider the future to be fair at best.  That's not the way to look at things.  If everything that comes out of your mouth is "yesterday, yesterday, yesterday" then you need to shift gears quickly. Learn to appreciate your PAST without reliving it, handle your PRESENT with confidence and face your FUTURE without fear!

  10. Be Happy 24/7 - Really? That's not going to happen. Think about can't be HAPPY unless you're UNHAPPY sometimes. Life is life and you're not always going to be on top of HAPPY MOUNTAIN. It's normal to fluctuate from day-to-day, month-to-month and even year-to-year. If you think you're supposed to be HAPPY all the'll end up feeling DISILLUSIONED.  Friend...even when life is stressful, you still have a CHOICE in how you respond.

Just do your best and take life one day at a time.  Limit the amount of complaining you do and be GRATEFUL for the little things that mean a lot!