Monday, December 25, 2017

Pastor Commits Suicide

"Pastor Silva was the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Brazil. Before he did, he stated the following:
“It does not matter what you do for them, they will never thank you, it does not matter that you put off your family by surrendering to them, it is your duty to say, and they will criticize you because you prefer your family or because you postpone them. Because you pray, because you help the needy, because you were not there for their birthdays, etc. People will always forget everything you do for them, they will get angry with you, take their family and leave the church without telling you "goodbye, much less thank you.”The ministry hurts, it hurts, you live in loneliness and constant depression People do not care about their pastor, nor about what can happen to him or suffering He may be put through, if you get sick they will say that you are in sin, if you do badly in the finances they will say that you mismanage the money, if you have conflicts in the marriage they will say that you are not a good priest of your home, if people leave they will say that it is your fault, if your children deviate they will say that your children are demons or that’s the kind of father you are. It is always the fault of the pastor. Nobody cares about their life or their needs.”

This is likely why the apostle Paul instructed his spiritual son Timothy, “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.” 1 Timothy 5:17

Unfortunately, Pastors are also human. May this precious brother find rest in His father’s arms. My heart breaks for his family. 
- Mario Gonzalez"


You can try, but you can’t help everyone. Some will exhaust your resources & then act like you didn’t do enough for them as they move on to their next watering hole. But eventually they’ll drain that place & those relationships dry, too.

It’ll never be enough, no matter the person or place, until they fix what’s broken inside them.

Sadly, they’ll damage a lot of people in the process, trying to justify themselves & project their perceived need to find the “right” thing for them.

They’ll use you till they’ve drained you dry & then have bogus complaints to try & justify their actions.

When you’re dealing with this kind of spirit, don’t take things personal. People who carry offense & disinterest will find fault with everyone & everything, once the newness wears off.

Determine to help everyone, but know when you’re being taken advantage of & refuse to allow yourself to give unlimited access that you once graciously provided. Your attention is needed with those who are committed to maturity & development.

Jesus hand picked His disciples. Even Judas. He knew what was in his heart & what he would do, but He loved him anyways. You can love someone, but that doesn’t mean you have to go along with their bad choices & decisions.

I’m connected to Pastors & Leaders all around this country who are facing & dealing with hardships from two things: PERSONALITIES & PRINCIPALITIES. I do my best to encourage them...because, truly, only another Pastor can identify the load they carry trying to help people.

A 3 Gift Christmas

The GIFTS the “wise men” gave to Jesus represented:
1) Gold = VALUE (Kingship)
2) Frankincense = SPIRITUAL (Deity)
3) Myrrh = PRACTICAL (‬Death)

At Christmas, we find ourselves expressing our continual LOVE for family & friends through the giving of tangible gifts. Like the “wise men”, we give much CONSIDERATION to the purpose of each gift as well as to the COST.

While it’s always with good intentions to “bless” our family & friends with gifts, we have a tendency to buy more than what’s really needed or necessary.

What if we held to a THREE GIFT CHRISTMAS for our kids (even our adult family & friends) that modeled the gifts the “wise men” gave Jesus?

1) GOLD - something our kids “value” or desire. Depending on their age, it can be a toy, etc.; something that is precious to them. (Have fun with this gift, but don’t go overboard.)

2. FRANKINCENSE - something that aids in their “spiritual” development. As parents, it is our job to teach our children the ways of the Lord (Deuteronomy 6). A 5 yr old probably won’t enjoy a commentary on the book of Revelation... but, perhaps this kind of gift can be: a nativity of their own, a worship CD, devotional, Bible, etc. (Be creative.)

3. MYRRH - something that is “practical”. Things they will use everyday (i.e.: clothes, perfume, cologne, shoes, etc.) Myrrh was used as a medicinal item. This gift symbolizes something for the body. It is believed that the “wise men” brought this gift to Jesus in preparation for His death.

It seems odd to give like this, because we’ve been influenced through marketing & traditions to over spend & be excessive. But, what if?

Whatever you do, keep in mind the meaning & purpose of the GIFTS that the “wise men” gave to Jesus. Share this with your children & family during your memory making moments.

Merry Christmas & much love!
Russell & Beverly Hylton

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Storms - Five Things

1. One WORD from Jesus can CALM even the most devastating storm! When He speaks storms don't last! #PeaceBeStill
2. Never let the storms OUTSIDE you overcome the peace INSIDE you! #PeaceBeStill
3. There are storms that impact your DESTINATION and storms that impact your PEACE. Discern the difference. #PeaceBeStill
4. By the Grace of God, we've all SURVIVED storms. Some were torna-woes & others were major life-quakes. What's your storm story? #PeaceBeStill
5. Some storms won't cease until you COMMAND them to. #PeaceBeStill

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stronger - Five Things

1. You're STRONGER than you think. You'll never be tested beyond your ability. So change your strategy. LEAN on The Lord more.
2. The Angel told Gideon, "Go in your strength & you will save Israel." He was telling Gideon, "You're STRONGER than you think."
3. The attack will pass & you'll breathe again. One day you'll realize that this wasn't a was the road to a STRONGER you!

4. Never interpret God’s Love for you by the way people treat you. His LOVE is deeper, draws you closer & makes you STRONGER.
5. STRENGTH is not measured in days of PROSPERITY, but in days of ADVERSITY. If you survived yesterday's attack, you're STRONGER than you think!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Personalities & Principalities - Five Things

1. We’re dealing with two major things today in ministry: PERSONALITIES & PRINCIPALITIES.
2. We ALL have a PERSONALITY (The totality of an individual's behavioral & emotional characteristics.) Personality that REFUSES to be MODIFIED by the Fruit Of The Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) loses its influence to LEAD or be LED.
3. We don’t all have to BE alike or LOOK alike. However, when we have JESUS in us, we should ACT like He did. Don’t tell me you speak in tongues, but you still pop your neck at folks & are continually RUDE to people! Your version of the Holy Ghost needs an upgrade.

4. PRINCIPALITIES are demon spirits assigned against governments & leaders at every level. That's why God calls us to PRAY for LEADERS.
5. Seems to me that Pastors have to deal with more “junk” today IN the church than OUT of the church, because we are dealing with PRINCIPALITIES & POWERS (Ephesians 6:12). God can't DELIVER you from anything that you conveniently blame others for. OWN it to DETHRONE it!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Emotional - 5 Things

1. Because you got EMOTIONAL doesn't mean you got DELIVERED. You're only delivered if you're FREE when emotions wear off.
2. The real question is: Can you do the PRACTICAL when trying to act so SPIRITUAL? If it’s the real Holy Ghost in you, you’ll be able to act right & do right on the daily; NOT just in church...when you’re “going in”. If you can’t “go in” when it’s Monday & there’s no organ, screaming, hoopin or chill/thrill bumps...then you’re not yet spiritually mature#StopFronting

3. Mental & emotional INSTABILITY makes a relationship very difficult. Cute & crazy is a volatile combination. Be prayerful yoking up with brother or sister coo-coo...they’ll have you crazy for coco puffs, too!
4. Before you get worked up because people are speaking ill of you, consider WHO they are. Consider their spiritual/mental/emotional state. Hurting people hurt people. Healed people heal people. Know what spirit you’re dealing with.
5. Don't spiritualize EMOTIONAL things. Just because you FEEL something doesn't mean God is SAYING something. I meet people all the time who have to have a “FEELING” to survive. The same people live life on a roller coaster of emotions. Up & & & there! Nothing can satisfy them & even Jesus can’t Pastor them. #shewwww
When we know better, we should do better.


I've lived long enough to know that God is a God of ORDER. When we're out-of-order over HERE...we'll be out-of-order over THERE. God DON'T & WON'T bless a mess. If I want to be successful moving forward, my HISTORY can't be a MYSTERY if I’m trying to get to my DESTINY.
When we are IN ORDER, we will be TRANSPARENT with our whereabouts, dropouts, hideouts, layouts, hangouts & sellouts. God doesn't operate in the darkness...but rather in the light. You can't claim God's WILL when you leave things unfulFILLED.

• I can't have a ministry, if I'm not under a ministry.
• I can't walk in God's economy, when I'm not tithing to my storehouse.
• I can't be in leadership, if I can't submit to leadership.
• It's not about being controlled by man, it's about being submitted to whom He delegates.
To fix the SYMPTOMS, you have to deal with the ROOTS. Cut it out & you'll see how many years the issue has been present by the length of the roots. For some, it may go all the way back to childhood, disobedience, ancestry or even recently. #checktheroots
Four LEADERSHIP BOOKS that have been LIFE changing to me:
1. God's Armor Bearer - Terry Nance
2. Undercover - John Bevere
3. The Bait of Satan - John Bevere
4. A Tail Of Three Kings - Gene Edwards

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Stop Prostituting Your Gifts & Talents

pros•ti•tute: put (oneself or one's talents) to an unworthy or corrupt use or purpose for the sake of personal or financial gain.

1. Never prostitute your call (trying to sell your gift to the highest bidder).

2. Never go to a person or a place that is willing to give you big money/offerings, because of your gifts/abilities. ONLY go because it is an assignment by God.

3. Never refuse to go to a place that God is telling you to go, simply because they cannot afford to pay your price, for a gift & calling that you cannot operate without God.

4. Stop feeding your pride by playing on your gifts.

5. The spirit of humility will be one of your greatest assets.

6. As long as you are humble, God will continue to use & elevate you if you are FAITHFUL!

7. You're not entitled or owed anything. You're blessed to even be breathing.

8. Yield, obey, remain humble, accountable & stay under authority.

9. Don't seek recognition by puffing your abilities & testimonies from others, in order to get an engagement or some type of recognition.

10. When you have a Godly fear (reverential fear of the Lord), you'll want to please Him more than yourself.

If you can't do the EASY thing where you'll never be able to handle the HARD thing somewhere else. You must MASTER your flesh, emotions, issues & baggage. God wants to USE you for HIS glory...not yours.

"As I have walked the world—a tramp for the Lord—I have learned a few lessons in God’s great classroom.” - Corrie Ten Boom