Monday, July 23, 2018

Don’t Let Your Mouth Mess Uo Your Miracle

Some people aren't looking for solutions. As a matter of fact, answers aggravate them. They've grown accustomed to complaints. 

When we’re working for The Lord, excellence is our pursuit...irregardless of what it takes to complete the task. 

"His disciples responded, "What do you expect us to do about it? Buy food out here in the desert?" Mark‬ ‭8:4‬

Jesus had so much compassion on the hungry crowd that He was looking for a solution to feed them. 

He expresses to His disciples His heart to feed them. The disciples respond with a sense of doubt & aggravation. 

Almost like they’re saying, "Great...He’s giving us more work to do. Doesn’t He know that we’re hungry too? Doesn’t He know that we need to eat at some point ourselves? Man...Jesus is always putting us in these pressure moments & expecting us to just make it happen!"

However, Jesus already knew that there was a SEED of loaves & fishes in the crowd. He already knew what He was going to do. 

The point willing to FLOW without complaining or being aggravated. God already has a SOLUTION...He’s just wanting you to experience the miracle too!

Don’t let your mouth cause you to miss your miracle. 

#AllForJesus #Excellence #GivingItOurAll 😁🙌🏽

Monday, July 16, 2018

Pray About It More Than You Post About It

We didn't INVENT prayer. God INVITED us to pray. 

Prayer invokes His involvement. It gives Him permission to act ON us, IN us & FOR us.

Don't POST all your business. You become an easy prey for the enemy, by the words of your own mouth, and an obvious attention getter for sympathy.

PRAY about it more than you POST about it. Stop accommodating the devil with your mouth. Today, refuse to give him an advantage by using your mouth, mind or body to hurt yourself or others further.

Take it the THRONE...not the PHONE!

When the Lord is teaching you to use PRAYER as a PART of your problem solving system, you will learn to patiently work thru frustrations.

Commit to daily PRAYER & attending the PRAYER MEETINGS of your local church & watch God unlock some wells in your life.

When you're CALLED, whether or not you see yourself as a threat, be clear that the devil does. You're a target! YOU NEED A PRAYER LIFE!

Saturday, July 14, 2018


1.  I was raised in a "HOLINESS" church culture with a long list of rules & dress codes. However, some of the people who "looked" holy, based on their outward adornment, had a long tongue, critical spirit & a condescending attitude towards others both saved & unsaved. #ThatsNotHolinessToMe #holiness

2. HOLINESS isn't something we accomplish & give to God. It's the Spirit's work in our lives. We must BE holy before we can DO holy. #holiness

3. HOLINESS is not attained, it’s produced in us by the Holy Spirit under Grace. It is the product of “imputed righteousness.” ( Romans 6:19) #holiness

4. Before LIFE happens to you, you preach "HOLINESS or HELL." Then you realize "HOLINESS THRU HELL" is a more accurate doctrine.  God does a work IN you, so He can do a work THROUGH you. #holiness

5. HOLINESS is right. If nobody lives it. It's still right. #holiness

6. I'm thankful for where I CAME from, I'm just glad I kept COMING! I spent many years trying to DO holiness rather than just BEING holiness. #holiness 

7. I can talk about it because I was raised in it! HOLINESS isn't long hair, no jewelry, jean skirts & no beards or mustaches! I've seen all that & those OUTWARD works won't fix what needs to be fixed on the INSIDE.  HOLINESS is a heart that is PURE before God. It's allowing the DIVINITY of God to bring the DIFFERENCE of God within in you which affects your living.  #holiness

8. The worst kind of pride is RELIGIOUS PRIDE — the kind that claims God’s blessing as a reward for superior HOLINESS or perfect rule keeping. The truth is, BLESSING is a gift of GRACE. If it’s stolen, earned or conjured, it’s not’s something else. #holiness

9. God never builds a fence around HOLINESS because His HOLINESS takes care of itself. Truth is, anything He claims as His is holy. #holiness

10. HOLINESS leads to wholeness. #holiness

Hebrews 12:14 "Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:"

Friday, July 13, 2018

Protocol Perpetuates Promotion

1. God never intended to use you just as a mouth "PIECE." His intent is to use ALL of you. Your ministry begins LONG BEFORE you stand up to speak. #protocol
2. God gives INSIGHT for OVERSIGHT. Oversight is authority given to a godly leader for the PROTECTION & DIRECTION of God's people. #protocol
3. Titles don't obligate God to honor a man or woman with His power. Time allows our gifts to be fully PROVEN for the FUNCTION of an office. #protocol
4. God APPOINTS people for various reasons but He always MARRIES the person's PERSONALITY to the ASSIGNMENT. You were DESIGNED for your CALL. #protocol
5. BROKEN protocol will create broken ACCESS. Those who can't follow protocol will always stay in their PRESENT season. #protocol