Thursday, March 30, 2017

5 Things About David

1. David was ANOINTED to "be" a King, long before he was APPOINTED "as" the King. 

  • Jessie's 7 sons pass before Samuel but they are "rejected" (7 = COMPLETION)
  • Jessie's 8th son is "accepted" (8 = NEW BEGINNING)
  • Almost always there will be a season of ACCREDITING between the time of your ANOINTING to the time of your APPOINTING. 

2. David had to learn how to LEAD himself before he was able to LEAD others. 

  • In David's ISOLATION he mastered his INHIBITION.
  • PREPARATION will always require SANCTIFICATION. (Being set apart)

3. David's FUNCTION as a shepherd prepared him for his FUTURE as a king. 

  • Shepherds will die to protect a lamb or sheep. 
  • Shepherds feed & water the flock daily. 
  • Shepherds lead out in front of the flock. 
  • Shepherds love each sheep, naming them each with their own name. 
  • Shepherds carefully develop the animals for breeding purposes, to produce more sheep & healthy sheep.

4. David became King of Judah (PRAISE), before he became King of Israel (PREVAIL).

  • He started with the southern kingdom first.
  • Be grateful & resourceful with what you've already been given & you'll be given more!
  • He ruled like he was king over the WHOLE even when he only had the HALF.
  • God won't give you MORE if you can't take care of LESS. 
  • Being faithful with little NOW means being trusted with more LATER.

5. David never stopped seeing himself as a SHEPHERD, therefore God could use him as a KING.

  • Leadership is born from our BEHAVIOR before it is bequeathed in our BIOGRAPHY.
  • David was honored by the Lord because David honored the Lord. 
  • David did not rule Israel by having them fall in love with him, he led Israel by having them fall in love with God.

Thursday, March 16, 2017