Thursday, May 21, 2015

In Alignment, Out of Alignment

Building a church is COMPLEX for us but CONCISE for Jesus. He said "I will build my church." (Matthew 16:18)
At the Genesis, I think we must work on building ourselves, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to get HEALTHIER in our THINKING, SPEAKING & LIVING.
If we can start with our HEART and our HOMES it will flow naturally into whatever we set our HANDS to...both in secular work and in ministry work.
How HEALTHY are you? (Big question...loaded question.)
  • Physical body?
  • Spirit man?
  • Relationships with your spouse, kids, family, leaders, church family, neighbors, employer, etc?

If we are going to enjoy the benefits of what Jesus is building...then we must be in ALIGNMENT with His protocol and structure. Ignoring or blatantly disregarding these elementary things will begin to produce evidence of misalignment.

Some Misalignment Indicators:
  • Ignoring vital relationships 
  • Disrespect
  • Slothfulness and sloppiness in work
  • Loss of desire
  • Self-promotion

Attempting to build outside His pattern makes us doomed for demolition from the get go. Following His blueprints ensures that every area of our life will FIT and LAST for many years to come. Furthermore. we cannot assume that we can FIT with everyone else if we refuse to FIT with those who keep watch over our soul.
Our church is a reflection of our homes. Whatever is going on in our house will flow into the church house. Let's keep it HEALTHY and HOLY so we can experience a HAPPY life together.
We are helping Jesus build HIS church...NOT our personal ministry. When we seek recognition for the work we are being paid to do or volunteer to do...then we've made it about our own personality rather than His eternal purpose.
Let us hide behind His cross and allow all the glory to go to Him. It's HIS building. It's HIS pattern. It's HIS name we are attempting to make famous. We will see HIS church built when we seek HIS face in prayer, repent of areas of weakness and determine to do better going forward.
This is my word for today...possibly the next decade..."HEALTHY!" I am determined more than ever to get healthy and stay healthy.