Thursday, November 20, 2014

Keep That Bone To Yourself

Ever been guilty of jumping on someone else's bandwagon before you knew the facts and the truth for yourself? I have been guilty of this. 

I've listened to other leaders rant and rave about someone they didn't "agree with" whether it was their theology, personality, leadership style or appearance. They had me sold on the fact that these people were "evil", "off in their thinking" and we all needed to steer away from "the likes" of them. 

I was naive and wanted to please them so I bought into their garbage rather than using my own brain and investigating for myself. 

I now know that if someone comes to you talking about someone else, they'll talk about YOU to someone else. A hard lesson learned. 

Time and experience has taught me that I ONLY have room in my life for COVENANT relationships. 

Never base your opinion of someone based on someone else's opinion.  Do your own due diligence and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Never talk ABOUT someone if you haven't talked TO them. 

God taught me that lesson and now, before I say anything critical of anyone I go over these three questions…


Honestly, most of the criticism you face in life is from people who really don't KNOW you. It's easy for people to misconstrue something they hear or read and come to a "conclusion" without ever having the courage or courtesy to talk to you FACE to FACE.

Over the years, I've heard people crucify Joel Osteen on his television interview with Larry King.  He's been called a heretic and his faith called into question by people who don't even KNOW him. Friend, unless you KNOW Joel, unless you've talked to him for yourself...then it is idiotic to form an opinion of him based on a 30 second clip from a television show.

The bottom line is, unless you KNOW the person for yourself, have spent time with them and heard them share from their careful what you believe from other sources.


Probably not.  Most of the boldness you see from people today is on the Internet.  It has become a place for cowards, who do not have the love of Christ or the correct interpretation of Matthew 18:15-17, to hideout and bash anyone from behind their keyboard.  Most cowards think it's OK to send an anonymous email or place a comment on a blog with a fake email address.  You know what you should do with those? DELETE. :)

You may differ with someone's theology or even their methodology...but if you must disagree, do so one-on-one.  In doing so, you'll probably walk away having been stretched and challenged as to what they believe and why they believe it.

It takes GUTS to talk to someone face-to-face...anyone can blog, facebook or tweet.


According to Proverbs 6:16-19 God HATES it when someone does this.

You may have an opinion...we all do.  But God certainly hasn't released any of us to BLAST people publicly no matter how right we may feel we are.  By doing so, we release a firestorm against them which God hates.

Believe me...what you do to someone else...will eventually be done to you.  The world is watching...and when Christians cause Christians to get mad at other Christians...somehow I just don't believe God is pleased.

These are three questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you jump on someone else's bandwagon, carry their bone or keep the tail wagging.

I have to be honest.  I've had my own share of attacks and some of them heartbreaking. Yet, in the midst of them, God's love has been so intimate and encouraging.  I know firsthand that you want to react, respond, lash out, vent and defend yourself.  However, just because you know something and could enlighten the world...that doesn't mean you should. (Refer to question 3.) 

Remember, we are all people who have to spend time on the potter's wheel repeatedly. I yearn for God's people to act like God's people...but then I remember that I'm flesh and blood too and am a work in progress.  

Stay focused on your assignment, look to Jesus and pray your way through. 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hollywood's film makers transport us to a false reality and mesmerize our senses in such a way that the normalcy of everyday life becomes boring and mundane. 

Q: What happens when people are too hyper exposed to Sci-Fi and false reality? 

A: They seek escapism to find relief from the pressures of everyday life by stimulating their senses with another movie or experience that will transport them to a place where they can forget about their problems and pressures, at least for a little while. 

This type of "stimulating escapism" even creeps into the church. People, believers and non-believers alike, come to our services with unfair comparisons to what they're bering offered mentally, emotionally and visually by the world and then expect the church to deliver a mesmerizing experience that will appeal to their flesh driven appetite so that their senses are satisfied and utopia is achieved...even if only for an hour. 

Therefore, the church finds itself competing with the world's marketing gurus to develop gimmicks, teasers and full blown campaigns just to appeal to people who should already have a settled sense of biblical contentment in their soul. 

It's a sad day when the church has to "sell the saints" through marketing and events just to get them to show up to church and be who they confessed at the cross they'd voluntarily be. 

Perhaps a desensitizing spirit has gripped the church to the point that we are no longer content with just the basics. 

I remember growing up in a church that lacked the sounds, sights, lights, technology and efficiency that we have  available to us today.  Yet, because of the hearty desire we possessed for an authentic moment in Jesus' presence, we were undeterred or hindered by the lack of polish, performance or professionalism in our organic environment. A hymnal, piano, window air conditioner and radio shack microphone was more than sufficient to aid us in our quest for God's presence. 

I am an advocate for excellence, technology and forward thinking. However, let us never become desensitized to the authentic, raw, simplicity of simply standing in serene silence...without the aid of anything electronic to usher us into God's presence. 

Let us never forget the power of the CROSS, the BLOOD that was shed or the magnitude of GRACE and MERCY. Let it be enough to satisfy our senses without the aid of haze, lights, timed intros, outros or seamless transitions. Let our craving for more of His presence captivate our senses with utter satisfaction "till the things of this world grow strangely dim in the light of His glory & grace."

Longing for the less is more,