Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Failing Forward

If you try, you'll make mistakes.  If you don't try, you'll really be making a mistake.  Anyone who has ever tried has failed.  But anyone who has ever failed eventually enjoys the victory of rising above their failure.

If I'm going to fail...at least let me fail in the forward motion.

  1. Good leaders make mistakes; bad ones repeat them.
  2. Admit your mistakes and apologize if appropriate.
  3. Show no fear.  Turn up your energy level!
  4. Find out what went wrong so you can prevent it from happening again.
  5. Correct what went wrong immediately.  Deal with the problem.
  6. Follow up, check up and test to see how you're doing in correcting the mistake.  Don't let the mistake happen again.
  7. Most every mistake has a point at which you can turn it around if you're paying attention and willing to do something about it.
The mistakes we can't afford to make are being invisible, arrogant, insensitive to others, solely money motivated, a bad role model or phony. 

The good news about making a famous flop is that it will keep you from becoming arrogant.  Arrogance is what invites really big mistakes to be made.

If you can't deal with failure, you can't win.  For all their down side, the upside of errors is that they provide you information and opportunity for growth.

The good thing about mistakes is that no one will be jealous of you.  Don't get me wrong, failure isn't something we should strive for.  What we learn from setbacks is to not repeat them.

If the mistake is that you lied, refused correction or tried to cover your tracks, well...you have a bigger issue than can be addressed here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Dry Cleaner Treats Me Like a Human

We can never go wrong when we treat people right.  There's so much talk today about making profits, cutting corners and the bottom line that it seems like the ability to just do the right thing gets lost.

Doing right.  

What comes to your mind when you hear that? Doing right, to me is simply following the voice the Holy Spirit within me and asking things like this...

  • Will this hurt someone? Including me?
  • Is this fair?
  • Does this violate the Golden Rule? How would I feel if someone did this to me?
  • Have I ever been told this is wrong?
  • Deep down, how do I feel about this?
  • How will I feel later about this?

What does the RIGHT THING look like in today's world?  Unfortunately...not always right.  

We see it in poor customer service today.  Customers are charged for phone calls which involve questions that can only be answered by the company of whom they've made a purchase from.  How is this right?

Doing the right thing is something my parents taught me.  
  • It's the way we treat people.  
  • It's the way we conduct ourselves.  
  • It's the way we own up to our mistakes.  
  • It's the way we submit to those who lead us.  
  • It's the way we speak.  
  • It involves our manners. 
We don't need a formula or model to show us how to do that.  We simply must listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit within us and then act accordingly.

In business, it's actually cheaper to just do the right thing.  Just doing the right thing works.

Part of doing what's right is the way we treat people.  Say this with me..."I'm HUMAN and I want to be treated right!"

My local dry cleaner treats me like a human.  They take care of my clothes, they make recommendations of what could probably be washed at home, they know me by name, they even call me if I forget I have clothes still there. They've replaced buttons, sown rips and rushed orders for me without charging me extra.

The dry cleaner is just one of many vendors in my community.  They know that in order for their business to be successful they must be community minded and treat customers like family.  Funny thing...my dry cleaner doesn't need a formula or model to tell them to do those things.  It's just common sense. That's why I keep going back.

Treating people right is essential for long term loyalty.  What's true in business is true in our individual lives.  How we treat people speaks of our own heart and how we conduct ourselves determines our longevity.

I can't imagine working in an environment where I ignored my employer, dodged work or acted like they owed me a paycheck.  In truth, I would no longer be employed if I conducted myself that way.

We must be ALL IN no matter where we serve. It's easy to show up and show out for big events when the lights are shining and the cameras are rolling.  However, it's how we act Monday-Friday when the lights are off and the cameras are turned that defines who we really are.

We treat people the way we want to be treated.  
  • If we want honor...we must give honor.
  • If we want respect...we must give respect.
  • If we want loyalty...we must give loyalty.
  • If we want promotion...we must promote others.
I've found that we catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  Whatever we make happen for others...God will make happen for us.

A few tips...
  • Give compliments.
  • Say something nice about everyone.
  • Be humble.
  • Don't be critical.
  • Don't assume you've arrived or outgrown others.
  • Respect your elders.
  • Glean something in every field.
  • Never gossip.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Submit to your leaders.
  • Be faithful.
  • Be fruitful.
  • Get off the couch and exercise.
  • Put down the bag of chips and eat a carrot instead.
  • Send a thank you note to someone.
  • Get involved in people's lives...especially in those you've been entrusted.
  • Be accountable for your work, conduct, actions and future.
And the last thing...if you're out today...please stop by the dry cleaners and pick up my clothes.  :-) 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Go Ahead & Wear It!

Joseph, favored son of Jacob, wore the coat his daddy gave him.  It was a gift of honor and favor.  The coat was LOUD and Joseph wore it proudly! Joseph wore that coat so long on the OUTSIDE that even when his coat was taken from him, his INSIDES were already transformed.

When your father validates you - you don't have to worry about outside recognition or affirmation.  You won't have to try to make things happen for yourself...your identity is not tied to your performance, works, position or title.  You're secure wearing the favor of your father.  You simply settle into your own skin - wrapped in the DNA of your father.

Joseph ultimately wore four coats.

1. The coat of a SON

  • This coat was given to him by his father Jacob. Joseph received special treatment from his daddy.
  • While wearing this coat, Joseph developed CHARACTER.
2. The coat of a SERVANT
  • This coat was given to him by his master Potiphar.  As long as Joseph was in Potiphar's house, the whole house was blessed with amazing prosperity.
  • While wearing this coat, Joseph demonstrated CONSECRATION
3. The coat of a SUFFERER
  • This coat was given to him by the prison keeper - the warden. Joseph prospered through adversity in spite of being overlooked by the butler.
  • While wearing this coat, Joseph displayed CONSIDERATION.
4. The coat of a SOVEREIGN
  • This coat was given to him by his ruler - Pharaoh.  Joseph had the power to do well.
  • While wearing this coat, Joseph devised COORDINATION.
God loves His children and has promised to never forsake us.  He has already devised a good plan and purpose for our lives.  Even when He allows us to be put in situations and positions where we will need to completely trust in Him, He is teaching us valuable lessons during these times of adversity that we would not have learned in times of prosperity.

God prepares us in the PRESENT time so that we can be a blessing to others in the FUTURE!

Joseph walked through a DIVINE yet painful PROCESS of PREPARATION for leadership.

Monday, March 19, 2012

If He Allowed It...He'll Use It!

God has forgiven us, now we have the responsibility to forgive others to the same extent.  Joseph is an example of that kind of forgiveness.  He forgave a great wrong, and we are to do the same thing.

  1. His brothers had driven him away; he calls them to come near. (Genesis 45:4)
  2. His brothers had left him without comfort or home; he encourages his brothers and comforts them. (Genesis 45:5)
  3. His brothers had been willing to allow him to die of starvation and thirst in a pit; he gave them provision for their trip home to Canaan. (Genesis 45:21)
  4. His brothers sent him away on the back of a mangy camel; he sends them home on fine Egyptian carts. (Genesis 45:21)
  5. His brothers had ripped the coat of many colors off his back; he gives them the expensive garments of Egypt. (Genesis 45:22)
  6. His brothers sold him for silver; Joseph gives them silver for their trip. (Genesis 45:22)
For Joseph to do this...is a picture of GRACE.

Have you ever been hurt by someone?
Have you ever been offended?
Have there been times when people have wronged you?
What do you do when that happens in your life?

We have the example of Joseph.  He forgave his brothers.  We also have the example of Jesus. When He was hanging on the cross, about to die for sin, as the religious leaders and the crowds passed by mocking Him, He prayed for their forgiveness.

When we are wronged, and it WILL happen, we are to forgive to the same extent that we have been forgiven.  In fact, we are to go the extra mile in our forgiveness of others.  That is not an easy requirement, but it is the will of God for our lives, and it is the only attitude that pleases God.

The key is to return "good for evil." (Romans 12:17-21; Matthew 5:44-48)

How could Joseph forgive his brothers like he did?  Joseph could forgive because...
  • He could see the hand of God in everything that happened to him.
  • He knew that God was behind every disruption in his life.
  • He knew that even his brothers sins against him were part of God's plan for his life.
If you and I are going to get past the hurts we experience, we must adopt the same attitude.  If something takes place in your life or mine, it does so only because God gave it PERMISSION to occur.  He is behind every single event that takes place, even the HURTS we experience.  

If He has allowed it...then He will use it for my good and His glory in His time.  My responsibility is to accept the things that come my way and trust Him to work out His will through it.  If I can see His hand in the hurts I experience, it will make the hurt easier to bear.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jesus Is Coming Soon!

Dear BFWC Family & Friends,
I trust that JUST the name of JESUS made you open this email with passion, fervor and exhilaration. 

After reading about another earthquake in Japan, my spirit is stirred up!  Immediately, I began to think about the coming of Jesus.  We are closer than we realize and God has been getting us ready for the moment when Jesus will return to "catch away" (rapture of the church) His bride!  

Look around you.  Earthquakes, natural disasters, horrific tornadoes, great loss of life, tsunami's, plagues, violence, no respect for anything that is Godly.  We are living in the LAST DAYS and the return of Jesus is imminent! Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies and we've moved beyond the threat of war…we are at war!

My heart grieves for those who haven't yet made up their mind to live for Jesus.  I see in this world today, wickedness, despair, divorce, adultery, fornication, lying, partying, drunkenness, addictions, laziness, rebellion, etc.  This world is out of control and the church seems to be lullabied with the spirit of indifference. 

WE MUST repent and surrender our lives to Jesus.  I believe, if we knew that Jesus' return would take place in the next five minutes, we would…
  • Repent
  • Run to Jesus
  • Get to church and quit making excuses for ourselves
  • Love others
  • Quit our condescension 
  • Reach out to the lost
  • Pray
  • Seek to do right
  • Make crooked paths straight
I'm calling for BFWC and anyone inclined, to CRY OUT TO GOD today!  If there is anything in your life that is hindering your walk with God – repent of it today and run to Jesus.  He loves us and has open arms!

I'm also speaking to PARENTS…
  • Your kids are watching you.
  • Live the Christ LIFE in front of them.
  • Get your family to church!
  • Quit letting EVERYTHING else take the place of your kids spiritual training.
  • They need YOU to lead the way in this.
  • Sending your kids to church while you sit at home on the couch just isn't going to cut it. NOT IN THIS DAY.
  • There are too many satanic influences out there for us to be LAZY in our spiritual responsibilities.
  • The church cannot do for the parent what the parent should already be doing in their home.
  • How can I expect my children to DO BETTER than me if I don't position them to have that advantage?
  • How many more parents are going to act goofy and RUIN their kids opportunities to be positioned in Christ because the parent won't get the VICTORY in their own life?
  • I've seen it over and over and over and over. 
  • We have the CURE and yet we seemingly live as close to the world as possible and furthermore get upset at anyone who challenges us to RISE UP to a higher level of commitment in Christ.
  • I'm past the point of playing patty cake, bakers man…when it comes to the seriousness of what's at stake.
  • I want to see everyone cross the finish line & make Heaven their home!
With all my heart,

Russell Hylton 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

God Meant If For Good!

There are many stories in the Bible about men and women who had ups and downs.  Regardless of who they were, a king or a peasant, a prophet or a general, a fisherman or a preacher; nearly everyone of them had an unpleasant side.
  • Noah got drunk.
  • Abraham, Isaac & Jacob all lied to saved themselves.
  • Moses committed murder.
  • David was guilty of adultery.
  • Peter cursed and lied.
  • John the Baptist doubted Jesus.
The list could go on.  

I love the story of Joseph.  He's someone I could talk about over and over.
  • He's the 11th son of Jacob.
  • His name means "Jehovah has added."
  • He lived 110 years and there is not one single sin mentioned about him.
  • He endured trials and afflictions that most of cannot even imagine and nowhere does the Bible even speak about him have a lack of faith.
  • Somehow he stayed focused through it all!
  • He was favored by his father.
  • He was a jailbird.
  • Hardship didn't harden his heart.
  • Riches and power didn't corrupt him.
  • Talk about unique.  How many people do you know who have that testimony?
In fact, the book of Genesis devotes a huge amount of verses about him.  He received a lot of attention in the Old Testament.  However, he is mentioned only four times in the New Testament.
  • John 4:5
  • Acts 7:9-14
  • Hebrews 11:21-22
  • Revelation 7:8
Another thing that stands out about Joseph is the number of areas where he is a picture of Jesus. He stands as a model of what each of us should strive to be.  
  • He never wavered.  
  • He never fell.  
  • He never complained.  
  • He never compromised.  
  • He never lost his power with God.  
  • He stood his ground for the glory of God in many terrible situations.
His life demonstrated the triumph of faith.  I guess the verse that stands out to me the most is Genesis 50:20 "But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive."


Monday, March 12, 2012

Stay Out of the Pit!

Regardless of your age or how long you've been in ministry there will always be the danger of ending up in the pit.  

  • Sometimes we're pushed in.  
  • Sometimes we fall in.  
  • Sometimes we jump in.
I wish I could tell you that leading is always easy.  However, there are pitfalls we have to watch out for when endeavor to lead.  As a pastor, father, husband, mentor and a Christian it's easy to make mistakes because of a lack of wisdom.

We need the wisdom of our elders to avoid...

1. Arrogance 
  • Paul instructs his son in the faith, Timothy, to NOT let his youthfulness and lack of experience get in the way of leading.
    • "Let not man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12
  • The best thing a young leader can do is learn from a seasoned leader and stay in the protection of their covering.
  • Every leader is full of ideas that could possibly change the world!  This is always GOOD...however, it can turn sour if that ambition seals us off from needed rebuke, wisdom of mentors and constructive criticism.
  • A leader who lacks experience must doubly fortify their future effectiveness by avoiding the disguise of pride. 
2. Showmanship
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful.  There are many people in ministry who have a proven track record of growth.  However, what we must avoid is the thought that showmanship and popularity is the path to success.  
  • The key is to check our hearts to see if our motivations for ministry are to glorify God and serve His people or to enrich ourselves.
3. Competition
  • Every leader has to grow into their own skin.  It takes time to gain confidence and discover your life and purpose.  While that's happening, there's the danger of comparing yourself to others.
  • God has uniquely created you for a purpose.  Be comfortable in your own skin and be happy about who you are in Christ and steer clear of competing with your peers.
4. Extreme Reformation
  • We are all aware of things that are out of balance or in need of serious improvement in the church.  Growing up in a church culture, that is less than perfect, can cause us to become very critical of "the establishment."  If we're not careful, we can set out to prove the establishment wrong by declaring we're going to be "just the opposite."  In doing so, we cast a negative light on our heritage, which can be perceived as disrespectful.
  • Yes...I agree, there must be changes for the good.  I look over my shoulder and see parts of my upbringing that I wish were different.  However, if I spend my entire ministry trying to PROVE how wrong the culture I was raised in was, then I hurt my effectiveness to be received by both the former and the next generation.
  • The last thing I need to do is become a REACTIONARY leader...driven into imbalance about the very thing I'm trying to prove was out of balance.
  • Isn't it time that the church is known for what it's FOR rather than what it's always AGAINST?
  • Avoid being known as the leader who is always seeking to be the polar opposite of everyone else.  Yes...be yourself...but don't be weird.
5. Extremism
  • Did God really call you to fix everything that's wrong?  Sometimes in our effort to be the "solution" we become the "problem."  Who said you're supposed to be the hero that fixes it all?  
  • The people God uses to help His church stay on track are not egotistical know-it-alls.  They are humble men and women who embrace people and have an understanding of the times.  They are also very methodic in how they implement changes that impact people's lives.
  • People may like you, speak well of you and have confidence in you.  However, don't let that make you think you're the only one God is using.  He's using many people in this generation.
  • Eat the elephant one bite at a time.  Pace yourself.  Prepare yourself.  Don't RUSH into anything without careful planning, prayer, covering and counsel. Your story is not your own.  God is still the author and finisher of our faith and it's Him who is going to receive the glory at the end of the day...not you.
  • Stay humble.  Stay balanced.  Stay focused.  Stay the course.
  • God loves us when we're a bit broken.
If you're in the pit today...yell for help.  You'll find there's probably a seasoned leader nearby who has access to a rope or a ladder to pull you out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Name Is Not Dude!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, can do better than what they're doing right now.  I'm first in line as I write this blog.

Question:  Are you struggling with a bad habit?  
Question:  Have you let yourself go?
Question:  What do you need to change for the better?

We all have "stuff" we are either working on or need to work on.  When it comes to bad habits, either at home, work, in private or in public...EVERYONE has "stuff" they need to improve on.

How about our work for the Lord?  How's that going?  Are you on top of your game?  Are you seeing the results you want to see?

Perhaps we need to step back from what we're doing and take a long look at it.  After a long look...step back up and make some changes for the GOOD.

Changes to the good...

1. Avoid waiting till the last minute.  Everyone knows this, but we still find ourselves at the deadline unprepared.  In ministry, this is terrible.  Waiting till the last minute forces everyone into a last minute frenzy. 

2. Present yourself in a professional manner.  If you've ever read my blogs, you've seen some major typos.  Even with spell check...I get it wrong.   Thank God for my wife Beverly, who is a stickler for good grammar and correct spelling.  She helps me correct it as quick as possible.  When it comes to presenting yourself.  Consider how others perceive you.  Truly, how people perceive you is how they receive you.  Avoid sloppiness.  There is nothing worse than  sitting in a professional meeting listening to someone chomp on ice or rattle a potato chip bag.  It's rude and annoying.  

3. My name is not Dude!  I'm not hung up on titles, but honestly...calling everyone "dude" is on the low end of professionalism.  When you work in the ministry, you're accustomed to calling people "brother, sister, pastor, etc."  However, we shouldn't get so hung up on titles especially when we're communicating with our peers.  I pastor a church and appreciate the respect given to my role and function.  However, my name is Russell.  I refer to other leaders by their title/office/function primarily when I'm in front of a group.  However, when I'm with them one-on-one I usually call them by their name.  A direct superior may also be a best friend, but authority and submission must remain intact.

4. Be on time.  Don't take advantage of your employer, church, etc., by being consistently late.  Showing up 1 to 2 minutes late everyday is not only disrespectful it sends a message that you don't have to be on time.  There can be two extremes when it comes to work ethic: First, a person can be a workaholic. Second, a person can be lazy.  Neither are good examples, but the latter is an embarrassment, especially to the work of the Lord.  I was taught that if you're on time...you're late.  If you're early...you're on time.  Employees of a bakery don't show up when the bakery opens...they show  up before the bakery opens, ensuring the baked goods are on the shelf, the cash register set and the property is ready to receive customers.  A person who does not honor time parameters erodes trust.  Occasional offenses are forgivable.  A pattern of time abuse shows disrespect for others. 

5. Slapping someone in the Facebook. Electronic social media is huge today.  Having access to Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. is definitely here to stay.  However, we must remember that having a voice doesn't mean we use that voice to injure others or make ourselves look like trash.  Electronic social media is like standing on a street corner with a megaphone.  Not too many people would air their dirty laundry that way.  An even more cowardly action is bashing a church or an individual.  Clean up your social communications and remember that a whole lot of people are watching.  In fact, God is reading your Facebook too.  It seems that some people have little respect for themselves by the things they say on these forms of communication.  My advice is...less is more...especially when it concerns your personal business. 

We're heading into a spring season...together, lets make some changes for the GOOD!  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Church Owes Me

Does the church owe me?  
Am I entitled to receive certain benefits if I'm a member?  
Shouldn't the church help me when they know I'm in need? 
Don't I deserve preferential treatment?

So, the church owes you...huh?  In truth, the church does owe us something.  Paul tells us in Hebrews 10:24-25 to consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as we see the Day approaching.

In reality, we owe our Heavenly Father a debt we are unable to repay.  Instead, He commands that we should be a living sacrifice. (Romans 12:1-2)  He goes further to instruct us to love one another even as He first loved us. (1 John 4:7-19)

There are certain responsibilities we take on when we join ourselves with a local church.  The duties are a two-way street in which we support and exhort one another.  In order to carry out our duties as God has commanded we must do the following.

1. We must LOVE one another.  This comes from putting the needs of others above our own selves. (Philippians 2:3-4)

2. We must CONSIDER one another. As we get to know one another, we become aware of the needs, cares, burdens and all of the things that comprise of life with one another.

3. We must STIR UP love and good works.  We are to motivate one another with such force that we provoke action from one another.  We are no longer just concerned about our own soul, we are concerned about the lives of our brothers and sisters.

  • How does this happen? There is no perfect formula...first, when we love others they are encouraged to also love based on our example.  Acts of kindness such as sending cards and making phone calls, going by the hospital to visit the sick, preparing meals for others, and giving a person a hug all send a clear message.  So do other acts such as calling when someone is missed at services and making a visit to express a concern about behavior that appears inappropriate.
  • When we first meet another person we are not apt to readily receive a rebuke or admonition from them.  However, when an old friend or someone who has shown much concern for us in the past makes such a comment we are far more apt to receive and consider the admonition.  

4. We must remain INTERESTED.  It is difficult to imagine causing another person to be excited when we personally are uninvolved and disinterested.  We are able to excite other people about things in which we are heavily invested and to which we give a large share of our interest and attention.  A person who grudgingly makes most of the services is not likely to be able to excite someone else about the work of the church.
  • When you become excited to love you will seek out good works.  No longer will you give your time grudgingly and wait till someone insists that you do something.  Instead, the intent of your heart is to see what you can do to serve God.  You will love the flock of which you are a part of and seek to help those in need.  You will rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.

  • There's lots of marketing that takes places in churches today.  Some churches want you to join them for the FUN and EXCITEMENT of their programs, their singing groups, and other forms of entertainment.  In those cases, the emphasis is on what they can do for the individual to make them happy. 

There is only one thing that SHOULD and MUST be the primary source of excitement in your life.  That is simply this...THAT GOD SO LOVES YOU THAT HE SENT HIS SON TO DIE FOR YOU.  That love completely overwhelms any emotion and pleasure that might be drawn from worldly things.  Also, the resulting love and its fulfillment is ETERNAL whereas the things of this world are short lived, fleeting and ultimately unfulfilling. 

When each person in the church is STIRRED up by their love for Jesus that love becomes contagious!  The excitement is obvious and infectious. One person's excitement leads another to grow stronger in their love of God and commitment to good works.  Those works in turn stimulate another brother and sister.  Ultimately, one of those brethren end up REAWAKENING the love of the first person who has subsequently grown weaker.  I believe that is a primary factor in God's plan for us to ASSEMBLE ourselves together in a local congregation. 

Stop Whining and Start Serving!  

It's amazing how people think today.  We hear all kinds of things from people today regarding how the church has let them down.

  • The church hurt my feelings.  
  • The church didn't help me when I was in need.
  • The church forgot about me.
  • The church ran me off.
  • The church helped everyone else but they didn't help me.
  • The church is full of hypocrites.
These comments used to really trouble me UNTIL...I wised up.  Before then, I found myself going around that mountain with the same people for 40 years and realized that the people who constantly complain about the church are the people who...
  • Are Unfaithful...
  • Are Unfruitful...
  • Never serve...
  • Never volunteer...
  • Never give...
  • Never attend...
  • Always have their hand out...
  • Wear their feelings on their sleeve...
  • Expect you to be a mind reader...
  • Are looking to be offended...
  • Caused a mess in the last church they came from and want to do the same thing here...
  • Love to wallow in self-pity...
  • Come to a pitch-in and won't bring nothin'...
  • Steal what the church is giving away...
  • Carry an entitlement spirit...
  • Won't receive the Word of God...
  • Won't receive correction...
  • Only want relief rather than restoration...
  • Badmouth everything the church does...

Friends, If I gave up every time my feelings got hurt or I didn't like what was happening, I'd be the most cantankerous person you've ever met.  The truth is...the reason some people are unhappy is because they choose to be.  They are the same people who are down in the mouth about everything.  They are happiest when they're complaining, fault-finding and bumpin' their gums.

It's time to GET SOME JESUS JOY and quit complaining about everyone else.  WE MUST LOOK IN THE MIRROR and examine our own heart.
  • The church is still GREAT
  • The church is making a huge IMPACT in the community! 
  • The church is full of people who are living REAL LIFE and holding one another accountable!
  • The church is WHAT YOU MAKE IT!

Ask not what your church can do for you...ask "what can I do for my church?"

Yes...the church owes me.  And I also owe it!  But most of all, we owe all of our love and commitment to our Heavenly Father.

The Gospel that I read tells me to GROW UP and BECOME like Christ.  Friends, lets hold one another accountable and STAND on the Word of God.  Everyone reading this...INCLUDING ME...can do better than what we're doing right now.  

Let's keep our hands lifted UP!