Thursday, August 18, 2016

Givers and Takers

GIVERS can spot TAKERS. If the giver is BATMAN, the taker is the JOKER. Anyone who can TAKE from you & then try to discredit you is a joker. If you let takers take advantage of you...then the joke is on you. #‎lessonlearned‬
Don't stop GIVING, just be wiser about who you let TAKE from you. God will send you some of the best people on the planet to walk in true covenant relationship with. They won't USE you to get what they want from you & then ABUSE the relationship you afforded them. They will be LOYAL, FAITHFUL & TRUE.
Over the years, I've allowed my good nature to be taken advantage of. At one point, I said, "never again." However, the love for people & the call to raise sons pushed me past my own hurt. God turned it & what was meant to harm me catapulted me. My advice now is - remain sweet, forgive quickly, stay tender hearted and walk in truth. God will uphold you & you won't even have to say a word...even when you could have.
Never stop GIVING. Inspect the soil, before you scatter the seed. You'll still encounter losses, cry tears & make yourself vulnerable...but it's worth it because God is keeping watch & He's entrusted you with this assignment. He knows your heart & He knows exactly what the future holds.
Remember this...what goes around comes around. Anyone who has sought to do you harm will experience the same measure in their own life...without any help from you. The best thing you can do is just be prayerful, loving, forgiving & future focused! Your best days are ahead of you!
If God allowed it, He will use it. You will grow from it & be the better for it. You're wiser. You're stronger. You're not a pushover! Love everyone & keep it moving.  ‪#‎RemainAGiver‬

Sunday, August 14, 2016

10 Things

  1. Don't give up on God, yourself or your dream! There are angels, resources, & people on standby waiting on you to BELIEVE again.
  2. Recalibrate your faith! Don't abandon your ASSIGNMENT because of your struggle!
  3. If you serve in ministry, spend at least twice as much time FILLING up as you do POURING out.
  4. The time you spend indulging in a VICE is wasted time. Put that time to better use.
  5. Say about yourself only what GOD has determined about you thru the finished work of Christ!
  6. God doesn't need great circumstances to make you great. All He needs from you is a RELENTLESS FAITH that refuses to give up!
  7. Some people are repeatedly disappointed, so they give up. Others are repeatedly disappointed & become more DETERMINED than ever.
  8. Even if your "WANT TO" and your "HOW TO" aren't in sync, don't be discouraged or give up hope! God is at work within you!
  9. People usually give up when they fail to GIVE THOUGHT to God's integrity, faithfulness & power! THINK and then give THANKS!
  10. We FIT where God has placed us, not where we feel we should be placed. Your assignment will not EXPIRE unto you do! Don't give up on it!