Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Dealing With Slander


When a slanderer sets his/her sights on discrediting you, trust God to expose his/her deception & reveal his/her motives.

• Do not jump into the mud with them.
• Resist the urge to chase down every lie.
Guard your heart from resentment.
• Allow your circle to prove itself.
• Stay in love with JESUS. 🙂

Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated


Treat people the way you’d want to be treated if you were to ever find yourself in the same situation.

The way you treat people should never be affected by the way they treat you. But once you see who they are & what they're about, ADJUST.

Loyalty - There Is No In Between

1. At this point in my life, loyalty is an all or nothing proposition. There is no in between. You either are or you aren’t.
2. This week, examine the level of loyalty you give to your covenant relationships. Faithfulness is to an ideal, assignment or promise. Loyalty is to a person. Are you loyal?
3. Loyalty is a huge deal. It's not something you choose when it's convenient. It's how you let people know you can be trusted!

Monday, May 8, 2023

Do What They Ask You To Do

Years ago, when I began receiving opportunities/invitations to minister in my home church & in other churches, my pastor taught me...“If they ask you to sing, don’t preach. If they ask you to preach, don’t sing.”

He was teaching me to do exactly what I was asked to do & to not try & freestyle. In my young understanding, I submitted to this.

I now know that my pastor was imparting much wisdom in my life. He was teaching to honor protocol & to be a submitted & seated son. He was teaching me ministerial etiquette. He was teaching me about order, function & authority. He was helping me hone my gift & walk worthy of my vocation.

We need Spiritual Fathers who will CHEER for us, CORRECT us, & CHALLENGE us. This is a great need in ministry training today.

Sadly, it seems, more & more, we are seeing the rise & fall of superstar speakers who think they're the next, ________ & want to rent a warehouse, preach into a camera & have someone follow them around with a camera as they display their newest wardrobe & walk from the Green room to the pulpit. 🤦🏻‍♂️

QUESTION: How is Christ being exalted & sinners being saved...by us watching you be filmed walking to the make-up chair, dressing room, green room, the platform & then behind the scenes to be toweled down by 10 armorbearers?

A revival of HUMILITY would do us well. 🔥

If they ask you to preach...PREACH.
If they ask you to sing...SING.

Do WHAT you're asked, WHEN you're asked, WHERE you're asked, HOW you're asked & don't forget WHY you were asked in the first place.

Good teaching will keep you.
Russell Hylton


Tuesday, May 2, 2023

In MY Opinion

In my experience, as a minister/pastor/father, I've encountered 2 categories of "ministers".

1. Those who want to "preach" so bad they can taste it.

2. Those who know they're "called" but are bashful/reluctant & maybe even running from their call.

In MY experience...

• Those who fall into the 2nd category - those who are not reaching for a mic...ultimately have fruitful longevity in ministry that builds over time & have increased favor.

• Those who want the mic so bad, they can taste it...jump from this to that, here to there, and pillar to post because they are only satisfied when they are self-satisfied.

Ministry is not about holding a mic.
Ministry is about being held by a responsibility to serve.

Start in the field. If you can serve when no one is looking, where there's no promise of position or "pay" - you won't have to look for a platform...a platform will find you.