Monday, November 21, 2022

Something To Point To

You know & others know if what you have Is real.

Jesus chose Lazarus to be His EVIDENCE. When the haters came (and they always do), He didn't have to rely on Lazarus' preaching, singing or instagram reels. All he had to do was POINT to Lazarus & all Lazarus had to do was just sit there & BREATHE.

Lazarus was the EVIDENCE of Jesus' power.

What can people point to in your life that proves there is a reality to everything you claim to be real in your life?

Perhaps your faithfulness or fruitfulness? The evidence will be the things that are WORKING in your life.

I believe that I should be my own BEST CUSTOMER!

• You must practice what you preach.
• It must work in your life first.
• You can't ask others to do what you're not willing to do yourself.
I PREACH SALVATION by grace through faith in Jesus because I know it to be true.
I TEACH LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES because they are working for me.
I TEACH TITHES/STEWARDSHIP because it is working for me.
I TEACH FATHER/SON APOSTOLIC COVERING because it is working for me.

If people can get a hold of it & work it and stay with it...IT WILL produce the kind of results that they want!

It is vital to have a spiritual covering! On this side of the resurrection, everything God will do THROUGH you will be EMPOWERED through ALIGNMENT.

Do you have something to point to? Until you have your own evidence, you will need evidence of those who are birthing you into your double portion.

Russell Hylton