Monday, May 15, 2017

Are You A Big Shot?

1. Find the SERVANT & you've found your LEADER. They're not the big shot sitting at the head table...they're the one in the kitchen preparing the meal.

2. "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant." Mark 10:43

3. Do you want to be a LEADER? Then become aSERVANT. Pick up a towel & start washing dirty feet. Think of yourself as a SLAVE & not as a MASTER.

4. True leadership is not a matter of having a title, a position or an over-the-top personality. Leadership is first & foremost a matter of the HEART.

5. If SERVING is beneath you, leadership is BEYOND you.

BONUS: We don't need anymore SUPERSTARS in the body of Christ or in business...we need more SERVANTS.
  • People who think of OTHERS first. 
  • People who are THOUGHTFUL & CAREFUL not to offend. 
  • People who consider other people's FEELINGS...not just their own.
  • People who ANTICIPATE the needs of others.
  • People who SHARE their TIME, TALENT & TREASURE.
  • People who are INCLUSIVE not EXCLUSIVE.
  • People who don't tell you just what they want you to KNOW, but walk in total TRANSPARENCY. 
  • People who GIVE more than they TAKE.


Monday, May 8, 2017

5 Things - Attitude

1. The ATTITUDE of the clay has to remain contented! Contentment is not complacency. It's a SETTLED PEACE in the palm of God's hand.
2. How's your ATTITUDE today? Are you mad about something that God has or has not done in your life?
3. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving & into His courts with praise! Your ATTITUDE unlocks the door!
4. Ungratefulness destroys FAVOR faster than any other heart ATTITUDE. Appreciation & gratitude will keep Favor flowing in your life.
5. Employers don't pay what YOU are worth. They usually pay what the POSITION is worth + extra for your ATTITUDE, skill & commitment.