Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Real Deal

What is real?  In a world filled with imitations, sometimes it's difficult to distinguish what is real and what is not.

On my first trip to China I had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong and shop.  It was an AMAZING experience to visit a mall that was five stories high!  I was bombarded with requests to purchase a "Rolay!"  You may ask what is a "Rolay?"  Actually, it was an imitation Rolex.  The salesmen were relentless to sell us not only one...but several. :-)

The watch looked authentic...but to the trained eye, one could distinguish that it was not a genuine Rolex.

Have you ever had cheap soda?  Years ago, Beverly and I bought "Bubba Cola" from Save-A-Lot  and immediately knew we had made a huge mistake.  Folks...there just "aint" nothing like the REAL THING!  

Ladies can distinguish between FAKE and REAL.  Don't believe me?  Try bringing home a "Goach" purse instead of a real "Coach" purse and you'll find out that imitations just don't cut the mustard.

The same can be said of cologne or perfume.  If you shop at flea markets, usually you can find "versions" of the real thing..."Johnny Hilfiger" looks and smells just like the real thing (Tommy Hilfger)...but it's a "knock off." 

What does it mean to be AUTHENTIC?  Authentic means genuine, real and true...not fake or an imitation.

What does it mean to be CREDIBLE?  Credible means believable...your life and words line up together.

Put the words together and a credible, authentic person is someone who can be trusted because they are what they profess to be.  They are the REAL DEAL...what you see is what you get.

But which comes first?  Authentic must come first.  If you are not authentic, you will not be credible.

When it comes to leadership, an authentic leader isn't afraid to be perceived as "imperfect, flawed or penetrable."   However, it seems today that many leaders perceive that if they are perceived to be flawed or vulnerable than no one will want to follow them.  Unfortunately, leaders can get caught up in the game of "being right" even if they aren't right.

Here are some observations about credibility:

  • Credibility is earned over a long period of time.
  • Credibility is not about what you do or what you say. It’s about who you are on the inside.
  • You cannot demand credibility.
  • You cannot fool the people closest to you forever.
  • Your ministry will have lasting impact in direct proportion to the integrity of your own life.
  • The great enemies of credibility are pride, arrogance, isolation, and excessive self-confidence.
  • Ironically the more gifted you are and the more successful you are, the easier it becomes to fake your way through life.
  • Credibility once lost is very difficult to regain.
What qualities mark a person as a credible, authentic leader?
  1. Honesty.
  2.  Willing to admit your faults.
  3. Consistency.
  4. Kindness under pressure.
  5. Accountability in the small areas of life
  6. Willing to answer hard questions
  7. Quick to take blame, quick to praise others
  8. Not taking yourself too seriously (lack of self-importance).
  9. Knowing your own limitations
  10. Not blaming others for your own problems
  11. Confrontable.
  12. Approachable.
  13. Handling anger appropriately.
  14. Not offended when others get the credit you deserve (no need to brag)
  15. Keeping your word.

There's another word for living like this...we call it INTEGRITY.  What does integrity involve?

  • Your reputation (What we know you by)
  • Your commitment to truth (You line up with God's word and aren't swayed by others)
  • Your consistent lifestyle (You do the same thing over and over)
Jesus was all three of these things...His enemies couldn't get "anything on Him."  Jesus walked the same way privately as He did publicly!   His life matched His lips...His deeds matched His words...His character backed up His claims.

In a world filled with liars, deceivers, manipulators and fakers...we need to be people of TRUTH.  
  • When you walk in truth, you don't get caught up in lies, junk and a mess.  
  • When you walk in truth, you don't have to remember what lie you told to who.
Jesus said, "I came into the world to testify to the truth.  Everyone on the side of truth listens to me."  (John 18:37)

  • Unfortunately, we live in a culture that has come to view truth as a disposable item - we tell the truth when it helps us, we shade the truth when we need to and we lie if we have to.
  • No wonder confidence in Christians is at an all-time low.
  • Lord, I invite you to shine the light of Your truth into every part of my life.  Thank you for knowing me completely and loving me anyway.  Search me, try me, test me, and show me what you find.  Where I am not honest and true, do whatever it takes to make me credible and authentic so that my life will bring glory to You!  Make me like Jesus so that people who follow me become more like Him.  Amen.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Courage to Do the Will of God

One of the more difficult aspects of God's will is not so much KNOWING as much as it is DOING it!

God's will require some risks.  When you look at history some incredible men and women took GREAT RISKS.  However, they were CALCULATED risks...not foolish ones.

Great courage has great PAYOFFS...

  • Christopher Columbus' voyage to the new world...
  • USA's voyage to the moon...
  • Paul's ministry to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles...
  • Jesus' ministry...
  • Gideon's call to fight with only 300 men against a huge army...
It takes GUTS to do God's will.
It takes COURAGE.
You will never do anything for God if you don't have COURAGE to take some risks.

What is a CALCULATED RISK? Answer: a chance taken after careful estimation of the probable outcome.

Nehemiah was a man who took a CALCULATED RISK. His story is AWESOME!

Nine Steps to Build Courage
  1. Brokenness
    • Nehemiah's heart is broken as he learns about his beloved city...Jerusalem.
    • He begins to weep and fast. (The burden was so was unimportant.)
    • Brokenness is the FOUNDATION to build courage upon.
  2. Humility
    • His brokenness generates a personal prayer, but not for the release of his pain, but for forgiveness for himself and his nation.
    • Humility births ownership of ones actions.  It would have been easy for Nehemiah to blame his brethren for all the misery...but he starts with himself...he does not blame others.
    • He prayed until he felt a RESOLVE within his own spirit.
    • When I was growing up, we called that "praying till you pray through."
    • He doesn't have an answer to the problem...but he's on track when he begins to pray.
    • Sometimes prayer is NOT for an answer but to prepare us to BE THE ANSWER.
  3. Trusting Him
    • Fortunately, Nehemiah knows God's Word and knows the faithfulness of God!
    • Nehemiah knew God's character and that He was trustworthy.
    • He reminds God of His promise to restore the remnant of His people.
  4. Hope
    • After reminding himself of God's faithfulness, Nehemiah feels enough courage to ask of God for an answer.  But notice this...his request includes his own willingness to be the CHANNEL used by God.
  5. Availability
    • While he's asking God for help he is preparing himself to be used if needed.
    • It's not enough to ask God for help if you are unwilling to be used if He calls you.
    • Nehemiah was available.
    • He was in a place of servanthood to the King but he understood REAL KINGDOM AUTHORITY as he functioned in his role as the King's cupbearer.
    • Although Nehemiah recognized who he was in Christ, he is not disrespectful of the position of the earthly King.
    • His request was for God to give him favor as a SIMPLE CUPBEARER to an earthly King.
  6. Creative Solutions
    • When God calls you to minister He often uses you right where you are already, including the skills you already have.
    • As a servant, he couldn't speak to the King until the King spoke to him.
    • However, the king had to look him in the eye every time he served him his cup...and one can look very concerned and sad and it would be noticed because this would be the UNUSUAL look of Nehemiah.
    • Had Nehemiah been like many Christians today who walk around more like the Devil has won most of the time, the King might not of noticed his sadness and said to himself..."Well, I see old Nehemiah is having another one of those pouting spells."
    • The reason the King would notice is because this sad look was NOT common for Nehemiah. 
  7. Honesty with Durability
    • It's good to know that Nehemiah was a lot like us.  
    • It's OK to be scared and be honest about it...BUT DON'T QUIT!
    • Nehemiah is given an opportunity to speak directly to the King.  This is CRUCIAL...would his courage hold out?
    • Notice this...Nehemiah is polite...because courage doesn't mean DEMANDING.
    • Nehemiah explains the honesty of his sadness, his concern over the brokenness of Jerusalem. 
    • He faced his fear honestly, but he didn't give in to it.
  8. Preparedness 
    • The King asks Nehemiah what it was that he wanted...and Nehemiah has a PLANNED RESPONSE.
    • Nehemiah was planning for SUCCESS not FAILURE...even though he was afraid.
    • This was the moment he had been waiting for.
    • Having courage to do something for God does not mean just sitting back and waiting for God to let you know what to do, some people would say this is so much more spiritual, but it can also be very foolish.
    • Nehemiah had made plans...specific requests...he had thought of everything humanly possible...good plans.
    • He didn't just respond..."Well, however the Lord leads me"...this can be proper as a response some times, but not always.
  9. Acknowledging God in the Process
    • Nehemiah doesn't pat himself on the back.
    • Promotion to leadership comes best through servanthood.
    • Courage had only gotten Nehemiah past the first stage, he would need to have a great deal of it to finish the course God had called him to.
    • When you set out to do the will of God in your life don't be shocked by PROBLEMS, they will be right there with you.
    • If you lose courage you'll QUIT!
    • Nehemiah refuses to quit even though he encounters SANBALLAT and TOBIAH...both who were a great source of opposition to him.
The bottom line:  If you are going to do anything for God you are going to need COURAGE!  No one finds GREAT REWARDS that didn't take COURAGE over GREAT RISKS!  The first stage of accomplishing the will of God in your life is COURAGE!

It takes GUTS to do God's will!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Get Out of Bed Sleepy Head!

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 
What floats your boat?  
What fires you up?
What are you doing here?
What is your purpose?
What steps are you taking to pursue that purpose?

I've been asked many times..."how do you stay so excited about what you do?
 Honestly, I can tell you that I don't always wake up "chipper" or ready to jump out of bed.  Sometimes I just want to pull the covers over my head and say, "I'm already behind schedule, how am I going to get caught up today?"

However...something in me is PUSHING me.  To say that it's "drive" would be saying that it's something I possess in my flesh that I rely on...but the truth be's not anything in's the PASSION of the Holy Spirit that COMPELS me to want to run this race!

You can have the prompting and energy of the Holy Spirit in you but still be lazy.  The key is "listening, following and obeying."  You must TELL YOUR FLESH..."you will not be will follow the promptings of the Holy will do what you're told - without complaining!"

You can increase the PUSH of the Holy Spirit in you by...

1. Spending time with God!
  • My best time with God is when I'm all alone.  No cell phone, TV, Internet...etc.  Just me and HIM...Isolated from everything and everyone!  Sometimes, you'll have to get up extra early so you can have your ALONE time with Him.  How is God going to IGNITE our church if I'm not personally ignited first?  This requires SACRIFICE!  The time we spend in prayer alone with God ... has nothing to do with getting ready for a has everything to do with God convicting me, speaking to me, challenging me and leading me in His direction.
2. Getting out of the barnyard
  • If you cluck with chickens you'll never soar with the eagles.  The people you are surrounded by are either ADDING or SUBTRACTING the PUSH out of you!  Do inventory right now and ask who is a (minus) in my life and who is a (plus)?  
    • "Minus" people will DRAIN the life right out of you with their defeated spirit and negativity.  They are lazy, arrogant, have an entitlement spirit and expect you to CARRY them.  They are TAKERS...SELFISH and interested in their own needs first. A "minus" person will take all the heat out of the room with their DEFEATISM spirit.  However...
    • "Plus" people find ways to INCREASE, ADD and MULTIPLY and look for solutions! They show up on time, do their work with EXCELLENCE, speak when spoken to, LIFT the hands of others, OFFER ideas that will ADVANCE the Kingdom of God.  They do WHATEVER it takes to get the job done!  THOSE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE THAT PUSH ME!
3. Relaxing! 
  • Honestly, it's difficult for me to relax.  My mind is always moving.  It's something I have to really work on...REALLY!  Even when we go on takes me a couple of days to DETACH from my mental planning and preparing.  I will BURN OUT if I don't take a "chill pill!"  God did not create me to run 24/7 as fast as the six million dollar man (that's 1970's for you young leaders reading it...ha ha)!  The best part about relaxing my mind and resting my body is when I come back...I'm ON FIRE and REFUELED! 
4. Toning up!
  • I feel so much better physically when I work out!  It not only affects my body...but my mind and spirit are enhanced as well!  There are a lot of Christians who hold to the Scripture, "bodily exercise profiteth little." (1 Timothy 4:8) ... YOU FEEL BETTER when you exercise!  Honestly, If I'm to lead a growing church...I have to take care of myself physically.'s not fun...but it's definitely rewarding!  I've met a lot of people in the Lord's work that have so much to offer...but they aren't physically able because their bodies restrict them.  (Preaching all over myself here)
5. Taking the Garbage out!
  • If it stinks, it probably needs to be out on the curb.  Are there areas that need to be changed in your life?  If you are in a RUT...then it might be best to make some changes.  Every once in a while I have to clean out my closet and the garage.  Things get cluttered there. Clean up the clutter and you'll rediscover where your passion went. 
6. Tuning out Negativity!
  • Don't even waste your time trying to explain yourself to the critics!  If you come down off the wall to put out the fires of gossip, they'll light them faster than you can put them out.  Your friends don't require an explanation. One thing I've had to SETTLE in my heart is to not become obsessed with what people who don't know me think about me. When you serve in the Kingdom, people will take "pot shots" at you.  Expect it, deal with it and move on!
7. Surrendering to His plan!
  • His plans prevail.  His ways are higher!  He loves the church more than I do.  The world is in His hands...not mine.  If He called me to this work...He'll sustain me to do the work regardless of what I go through.  He was here long before I was...He's put in more hours than I have.  He has greater plans for this ministry than I do!  His power is so much greater than my performance!  It's His plan...I'm just facilitating what He's orchestrating! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

7 Ways to Avoid Defectiveness

Before I leave this earth...I desire to have been effective in every pursuit...whether it's my marriage, family, ministry, career, education, relationships, etc. 

Do you share a similar desire?  Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that effectiveness?

Effective = producing a decided, decisive, or desired result; ready for service or action;

Defective = lacking; imperfect in form or function. 

I'll never forget the first lawn mower Beverly and I bought. It was a red Murray push mower.   We bought it at Kmart and I was excited about this first "manly" purchase.  It was shiny, had a grass catcher attached to it and best of all it wasn't a hand me down.

We got it home, poured gas in the tank and I pulled, pulled and pulled the rope...but it wouldn't start.  Talk about disappointing.  I'm not the most mechanically inclined person to begin with, so I really didn't know where to begin.  I called several people and asked for their advice...but nothing seemed to work.  So, we loaded it in the trunk of our car and took it back to the store for an exchange. The good news is, the other one worked without any problem.

I'm not sure what was wrong with that lawn mower.  Evidently, something was defective with it.

God wants us to be EFFECTIVE not DEFECTIVE!

In ministry, it's not any different.  We're constantly looking for ways to improve what we do as leaders and what we do as a local church.  Through trial, error and counsel, we've discovered ways to avoid defectiveness.

#1 Avoid the "serve me" mindset
  • In a world saturated with "self" it is very easy to reach back to the nature of the flesh and settle for selfishness.  Serving is paramount for any leader and Christian for that matter.  We are called to "serve" not "be served."  Jesus is our example in this area "...the Son of man came not to be ministered to, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many." Matthew 20:28
  • There are times you will be called out of your comfort zone to serve people in a way you've never served them before.
  • A couple of years ago, Beverly and I were headed to lunch and witnessed a hit and run car accident.  A car hit a mini-van and the van turned over on it's side.  We parked our car and ran over to the van where a lady was trapped in the drivers seat.  We told her that we were calling 911 and help was on the way.  Then I told her we were pastors of a church down the street and begin praying for her protection out loud. (It's as if we received an extra boost of boldness)  Immediately a sense of peace came upon her and we sensed the power of God all around.  We stayed with her till the emergency vehicles came.
  • Honestly, we didn't know what to do except PRAY.  The need was in front of us and we responded.  That's what ministry is...seeing a need and meeting it!  If anything is "beneath" us...then we truly are not beneath Christ.
#2 Avoid Squabbles
  • Jesus said that the world will know we are His by the love we have for one another.  The bottom line today is...Christians fight too much!
  • Love must be the basis in all we do.  It's easy to love the people who believe like you, act like you and share similar interests.  However, what we need today in the body of Christ is an accepting love towards one another...even if we're different in our beliefs.
  • Most of my family are Baptist.  However, our common denominator is Jesus Christ.  We may share different thoughts in our theology regarding the Holy Spirit but that does not prevent us from getting along and treating one another with the utmost respect.
  • As I grow in the Lord, more and more I'm learning to love my brothers and sisters in Christ without having to agree with everything they say.
#3 Avoid Unbelief
  • God is in CONTROL!  Sometimes, we look at CNN or the nightly news and think, "man...this world is so messed up...what's going to happen next?"  If we're not careful, fear will set in and we'll start viewing life through the lens of UNBELIEF.
  • The good news is that God is still on the throne and He has never lost a battle yet!
  • If you're a leader reading this, I want to tell you that God wants to see your ministry flourish even more than you do!  He is the God that promised ABUNDANCE (John 10:10).
  • It doesn't matter how many people act GOOFY and ruin their the end of the day, God is still in control!
  • Turn your eyes on Jesus...He's the one who has the responsibility of seeing the results.  We're merely called to walk in obedience...He'll take care of the rest.
  • By the way, in truth, the world needs to see way less of me and more of Him! (John 3:30)
#4 Avoid Nightmares and focus on Dreams
  • Jesus said I can have what I ask for...when I ask in prayer & believing! (Matthew 21:22)
  • Is it OK to ask God for BIG THINGS?  Sure it is!  Why is it that most Christians feel like they have to be as poor as Job's turkey in order to be humble?
  • I want to DREAM BIG LOFTY DREAMS!  I hope someone will accuse me of dreaming too big!  I also hope they're standing nearby when the dream comes to pass!
    • Some folks don't want your dream to come to pass...cause if it does, all the excuses they've been using for years of "why it can't happen"...suddenly holds no water!
    • Some folks "hate ya" because they "ain't ya!"
  • Isn't God the one who said He's able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think? (Ephesians 3:20)  
  • God wants you to dream big and He wants you to ask for more!
  • You have the POWER already in you!
  • You have the HOLY SPIRIT!
  • With Him, you've got some incredible CREATIVITY at work inside of you!
#5 Avoid the "Disconnect"
  • If we're to stay plugged in to the mind of Christ, than our personal time with Him is essential.  However, a busy schedule can prevent you from having the personal time with God that you need.
  • When we loose our connection with Christ, on a consistent basis, we are more likely to disobey His commands. 
  • My phone gets a lot of use.  If I don't plug it in at night, I'll have no charge the next day.  That's a lot like our walk with God.  If we don't stay plugged in (connected) we'll lose charge and be limited in our ability to function.
#6 Avoid "Sick Days"
  • If you're working for're going to be attacked on every turn!  (Especially if you're seeing results)
  • Life isn't always easy.  There will be ups and downs.  You'll be attacked, lied on, discredited, misrepresented, misunderstood, talked about like a dirty dish rag, can't give up!
  • Jesus went to the cross...and He took a beating before He went.  The least we can do is endure a little criticism and being kicked out of the social club at work and school!
  • LEADER...if you're leading...expect to be CRITICIZED and CONDEMNED...move on...stay in the race even if you're wounded!
  • The devil wants to wound you in the area God wants to use you!
  • The enemy would love to hear you say, "take me out of the battle for I am wounded."
  • LEADER...go to God in prayer.  Talk to Him about what you're feeling.  Be honest with Him.
  • PASTOR...don't let an anonymous letter, tacky comment or a church member on their 5th church because they "can't find one to meet their needs" take you out of the battle!  The reason people hide behind anonymous letters is because they have no GUTS!
  • are more valuable to the Kingdom than to let Sister Bucketmouth persuade you otherwise.  Sister Bucketmouth isn't called to do what you're called to do...RISE ABOVE the critics and refuse to lower your standards.
  • Don't call in sick...SHOW UP and you just might meet your Elijah in the field!
#7 Avoid being Flesh Led
  • The flesh will tell you things like, "I don't feel good, I'm tired, etc."  The truth is, none of us "feel good" all the time.  However, we do not let our FLESH dictate our SPIRIT MAN.
  • The Bible tells us four times that "the just shall live by faith."
  • We walk by FAITH and not by SIGHT.
  • If we have to "feel" saved to be saved, we won't be saved half the time.
  • Jesus is with us...when we sleep, wake and walk through this life.  We are never alone.  He is constantly leading us and speaking to us...if we'll listen.
  • If we're not careful, we'll make hasty decisions while in an emotional state of mind.  When we do this, we usually make the wrong decision. 
    • (i.e., debt, dating, church, ministry, etc.)
  • I've learned to wait on the Lord in a season of prayer before I make a major decision.  
  • I've also learned to seek the counsel of my spiritual covering in the major decisions of my life.  When we seek counsel from those over us in the Lord, we are in a better posture to receive blessings that are SPIRIT BIRTHED not "MAN"UFACTURED.
  • The Holy Spirit will lead us in a straight and narrow path.  I've made a ton of mistakes when I've ignored the Holy Spirit's leadership.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 Things I Want To Say

I don’t ever want to FORGET the blessings of JESUS! One of the stories that both bothers AND convicts me in the Scriptures is found in Luke 17.

TEN lepers cried out to Jesus…TEN lepers were so desperate that they were willing to be ridiculed…TEN lepers knew that Jesus could heal their disease…TEN lepers heard His voice…and TEN lepers were cleansed.

But only ONE leper came back…ONE leper praised Him in a “loud voice”…ONE leper fell at His feet…ONE leper was truly thankful and ONE leper met and experienced Jesus on a level that the TEN should have.

What were those other NINE thinking? Before we get ANGRY at them for their lack of consideration…I wonder if we realize that we actually have more in common with them than the ONE who came back to give thanks.

QUESTION: When was the last time you stopped to thank Jesus for all He has done for you? (Honestly, I don’t do it enough!)

We are DESPERATE people when circumstances call for it. But what if we were as desperate for HIS PRESENCE and POWER when things are going well?

The Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 that we should GIVE THANKS in all circumstances…

Perhaps we would walk in greater joy if we spent more time THANKING Him for all He has done rather than COMPLAINING to Him about all that we think He needs to do!

What do you need to thank Him for today?
  • Your spouse…
  • Your job…
  • Your kids…
  • Your money…
  • Your health…
  • Your friends…
  • Your church...
  • Your house…

The list could go on and on … and the WORSE mistake we could make is to ask Him for something…He blesses us with it…and then we act as if we DESERVED His kindness.

I hope this hits your right between the eyes like it’s hitting me this morning.

I challenge you to spend MORE TIME giving God THANKS for WHAT you have and WHO He is … RATHER than what you don’t have!

I challenge you to quit COMPLAINING, WHINING and DROPPING HINTS to everyone about how…unhappy, bored, discouraged, depressed and upset you are. GET A GRIP…NOT A GRIPE!

Hasn’t Jesus brought you through BEFORE? He deserves the GLORY…and He sure isn’t getting it when we MOPE around looking like a poster child for Quaker Oats.
  • A change of location won’t fix what’s wrong on the inside…
  • A change of spouses won’t fix what’s wrong on the inside...
  • A change of churches won’t fix what’s wrong on the inside…
  • A change of jobs won’t fix what’s wrong on the inside…

We “is” what we “is.”

10 Things I Want to Say:

  1. Pick yourself up by your own boot straps…
    • Get up…Clean up…Straighten up…you’ll feel better!
  2. Anoint your own head with oil…
    • Lay hands on your forehead and declare that you are a CHILD of GOD and REDEEMED by the BLOOD!
  3. Spend less time on social networks and more time on your “face” in prayer…
    • Good night!!! QUIT posting all your MESS all over the internet for people to see…trying to get a reaction and a sense of relief. Take it to the Lord in prayer.
  4. Go to church…
    • It amazes me the people that have a boatload of dysfunction, critical spirits, think they know it all, got lost kids, serious issues and THINK they know how to manage their life on their own…and have the audacity to THINK they don’t have to go to church.
    • Sadly, all you have to do is watch their track record…what they’ve done before…they’ll do again.
    • They’ll give prayer request after prayer request for the church to pray for their spouse and their kids to get saved…and then they end up acting goofy and losing all respect anyone had for them.
    • You can lose your testimony in one minute!
    • As my dear sister in Christ would say… “SPANK the devil!”
  5. Surround yourself with people of integrity…
    • You’ll either cluck with the chickens or soar with the eagles.
  6. Read your BIBLE…
    • Start with one chapter a day.
  7. Study and speak the Scriptures over your life…
    • If God says you’re healed…then claim your healing!
    • If God says you’re blessed…then claim your blessing!
    • If God calls you His friend…then claim your friendship!
  8. Partake in Holy Communion…
    • You don’t have to wait till you come to church to partake in Holy Communion. You can have it in your HOME every day if you desire.
    • Ask the Lord to cleanse you of all sin.
    • Focus on remembering His death, burial & resurrection.
    • Read the Scripture “out loud” where Jesus administered communion to His disciples. (Matthew 26:26-28; Mark 14:22-24; Luke 22:19-20; also 1 Corinthians 11:24-26)
    • Partake of the elements (bread & juice)
    • Thank Him for His finished work while laying your hand upon your forehead and claiming your healing!
  9. Volunteer at your church…
    • Don’t be a S.M.O. (Sunday Morning Only). Give of your TIME, TALENT and TREASURE … EVERY week!
  10. Be a disciple FIRST!
    • Sunday’s & Wednesday’s are not OPTIONAL.
    • These two days in particular (and more when needed) are part of your spiritual routine.
    • Committing to be at church on Sunday’s & Wednesday’s (or whenever your local church is offering scheduled services) is merely “reasonable service.”
    • You won’t get any awards, ribbons or credit in Heaven for doing it.
    • It’s YOUR PART to do.
    • Four hours a week isn’t even a TITHE of your week. (Actually it would be 16.8 hours if you were counting.)
Let’s be like the ONE leper who returned to GIVE thanks! May your week be filled with GRATITUDE, REFLECTION, TRANSFORMATION and SUPERNATURAL INCREASE!