Friday, May 18, 2018

Leadership Nuggets

We are not OWNERS...but STEWARDS. God entrusts is to LEAD & FOLLOW as He sees fit, in every assignment. 

We mustn’t become TERRITORIAL in our assignments but rather YIELDED to God’s bigger picture. For truly, we are only a small part of what He’s doing in His master plan. 

What we lack, He will provide. He adds to us, “line upon line & precept upon precept” according to our ability, humility & yielding. 

Our ability to LEAD hinges on our ability to FOLLOW. Always honor upward. 

Never assume. Always be conscientious that there may be more information & situations that you’re not aware of. Therefore, lead gently, humbly & peacefully. He will give you wisdom. 

God will give you GRACE to perform your task in a way that’s pleasing to Him & received by those you lead & those you follow. 

• When in doubt ask. 
• Pray more than you analyze. 
• Resist the temptation to be offended. 
• Be at peace. 
• Tell your flesh it can’t control your emotions. 
• Be Spirit led not flesh driven. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

India Pastor's Conference

I've been invited to be part of the "INDIA PASTOR'S CONFERENCE" this coming September, and I'm very humbled & honored to receive this opportunity.

Pastor Nathan Sherer from Mena, AR & myself will be ministering to over 100 pastors in the region of Punalur, India. I'm asking for your prayerful & financial support, as we fulfill this call to encourage & equip pastors.

Your giving will help me reach my destination, as well as provide transportation, meals & lodging to the pastors in India who need help getting to the conference that otherwise will not be able to unless funds are provided.

Click here to help make this a reality:…(Donations are tax deductible.)

Thank you so much!

That's What Love Does!

The Four Stages Of Leadership

Friday, May 11, 2018

19 Years Ago Today

Nineteen years ago today, my family and I headed to Indianapolis to serve as lead pastors of Bethel Family Worship Center.  It's a little surreal when I look back to where we started.   Although Beverly and I had been raised in the ministry as PK's and had served in several ministry positions - serving at BFWC was definitely something new and would prove to be a learning experience right out of the gate for a young 28 year old minister who thought he knew what he was getting himself into. 

One day, I hope to write a book and share how those early experiences shaped us and gave us an internal fortitude to persevere. 

The further along I go, the less answers I have and the more questions I find myself asking.  On occasion, I have asked myself, "What if this Sunday was the last opportunity I ever got to preach?"  I have to search deep within to ask, "what would I say?"  Honestly, this has affected the way I preach.  I want to preach like a man ON FIRE - full of passion and I don't ever want to leave the platform full of regret! I don't ever want to deliver a "half-baked", "half-hearted", "half-prepared" message.  Every time I have the privilege to stand before people...I want to give 100%!

Another question I have asked myself is "Am I waiting on God to do something for me that He has clearly asked me to do?"  How many times have you heard people say, "I'm just waiting on the Lord?"  Have you ever considered what that sounds like?  It sorta sounds like "I'm so fast that I outran God...and now I am waiting on Him to catch up to me."

When God has called have to do what He says to do.  God didn't just give Joshua the land...He said "TAKE IT!"  I'm not sitting around waiting on God...He's waiting on me.  For that matter - I have no intentions of sitting idle and watching the world go by.  BFWC - if you think we're going to sit by and let the world pass us up...think again!  We're MOVING FORWARD with our dreams and we're more excited than ever!

Every leader has to make uncomfortable decisions!  It seems that everyone can talk about the problem, see it, discuss it, pray about it and so on...but there are very few people who are usually willing to do something about the problem!  This is what separates the MEN from the BOYS!  Along the journey, we've had to make some tough decisions...those decisions caused some people to be upset, angry and even leave.  Stepping up to do what's right means you will have to embrace the fact that sometimes God will put you in an uncomfortable situation.  But this is REAL LEADERSHIP!

I'm still PASSIONATE about what God is doing!  Good leaders are passionate about what God is passionate about.  In other words, you are trying to find out what God's doing and do that...not the other way around.  The truth is...BFWC belongs to Jesus...not me!  I am merely a steward, not an owner.  The church is HIS Bride...not mine.  His agenda must prevail...not mine!

As we move forward...We still need other people!  God didn't call us to do this alone.  I will never be able to do everything in our church well!  I learned this years ago and held a deliverance service for myself that I AM NOT SUPER PASTOR!  If I kept doing what I was doing...I would have burned out and never accomplished anything.  Learning to ASK FOR HELP was a struggle in those early years, but in order to walk in health and produce health in the church I had to learn how to ask others for help!  There are certain things I can do...and there are things I shouldn't attempt to do.  I've found that there will always be people who enjoy helping...if I'll just ask!

Church growth isn't a's simply doing what God has called you and believing He will bring the increase.  I've talked to a lot of pastors and leaders who are interested in seeing their church grow.  Friends, you can extract principles from many areas - there's nothing wrong with that - there's nothing new under the sun.  However, you have to be true to your heart and what God is speaking to you.  

The results are up to Him...the work is up to us.  

If we'll do the work...He'll give the results.  My job as a pastor is NOT to find the latest, greatest church growth methods...but rather to be completely faithful and obedient to the vision God has poured inside of me.

God didn't call me to perfection.  One thing I've learned is that people can identify more with my mistakes than my successes.  The bottom line is...I'm not JESUS...but I'm pointing people to Him!  BFWC doesn't need me to be their hero...they need to know about JESUS and how, without Him, I would be completely messed up when it comes to living this life! Leading with integrity is embracing honesty.  I don't get up and tell all my business but I do allow my weaknesses point to Christ's strength!   On the flip side, when you talk about your struggles there will always be people who criticize you.  Remember, those people usually delight in finding fault in others so they don't have to deal with their own mess.  They want you to be perfect...but they are not perfect...which makes them a hypocrite.  Love them through it and just be honest. 

I appreciate my wife and family very much!  We're fulfilling our calling and privileged to serve at BFWC. 

We love you all and appreciate the honor you bestow on us to lead you!

Nineteen years and counting and we're not tired yet!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

POLL - Is God BLESSING you or TESTING you?