Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Many years ago, Beverly & I were going through a season of uncertainty. (Well, actually, God was maturing me & I found myself looking at the grass in someone else's yard while I was struggling with my purpose, place & plan.)

I remember talking myself into doing something that seemed exciting. Doing so required us to move. I also remember justifying it to everyone & looking for people to agree with me. Because I wanted this so bad...for the very first time in my life...I didn't seek counsel. I told my leaders what I was going to do...rather than asking them to bathe this major decision In prayer.

I made the decision on my own. It was good at first. But then things got really rough. (Much rougher than the "season of uncertainty", I previously mentioned.) Bottom line...I missed God & our family paid a price for it.

In hindsight, I asked myself, "Why didn't someone ask me the hard questions? Why didn't someone force me to see all the things I couldn't see?" I made a vow to God many years later that if I was ever in a position to speak into someone's life, I would do so without fear of offending the person who needed to hear It. I knew that if someone would have been the "bad guy" & told me what I didn't want to hear, at the time, it probably would have spared my family some of the grief I put us in.

Since then, I've been able to bring counsel to many people. Some we've helped & some we wish could have helped. I also adopted the philosophy, "Inquire" or "Inform." Which means = when someone comes to me & says, "God told me..." then I already know they aren't talking with me to inquire prayer & fasting...but rather informing me of what they are going to do. I recognize the approach...because, like I said, many years ago I did the same thing.

It took me years to understand that "some things are taught" & "some things are caught." You can learn from other people what TO DO & what NOT TO DO, if you pay close attention.

Best advice I could give someone, "Always seek counsel." The Bible said that wisdom is in a multitude of counselors. And for those who say, "I can make my own decisions...God speaks to me."...yes, you are correct...He does. However, God will use men to confirm what He has spoken. We need a covering that cares more about the well being of our family than they do about our ambition.

At the end of the day, you'll get to your an even greater acceleration...if you walk in alignment in every step.

Every Blessing!