Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Momentum 1-18-16

On Sunday, we continued our ‪#‎everyone‬ series with a focus on "The Adulterous Woman." In this message we outlined Jesus' need to go THROUGH Samaria & not AROUND it. He sat down at Jacob's well..."weary from His journey" (John 4:6)
YES, even Jesus was tired from all the ministry & travel He had been doing. His disciples went to get Him some food while He rested. But, His rest didn't last because ministry called & He was face-to-face with an adulterous woman who was thirsty. Jesus recognized her need & gave her Living Water! She went back into town & told #everyone what had happened to her & as a result, the whole town came out to see Jesus! Thus, what was just a resting place became a two day crusade!
Friends, we are called to reach #everyone, irregardless of how tired we are. Ministry opportunities don't always happen on our time schedule. Often, God allows a divine interruption to advance His Kingdom!
This week, God will send people to your WELL. Will you be available to minister to them?

I Love Faithful People

Faithful people are such a blessing. 

- They show up.
- They serve.
- You don't have to wonder where they are.
- They love what they do.
- They are consistent.
- They rarely offer excuses.
- They inspire others.
- They are a good role model.
- They are usually loyal.
- They give more than they get.

Faithful people inspire me to remain faithful myself. Sadly, people who are unfaithful are hard to count on because they are hit and miss and you just don't know if they'll show up.

I want to encourage you to be a person that people can count on. Do things for the right reason. Don't take advantage of people's good nature. Don't use or abuse someone's patience. Just be faithful and God will bless you! After all, one of the things Jesus is going to say to His children is "Well done, good and faithful servant..."


Monday, January 4, 2016

Sow Into Your Future

At age 17, I was working at Baskin Robbins Ice Cream at Rolling Acres Mall.  I made minimum wage, which at that time was $3.35 an hour.  The only real expenses I had, as a Junior in High School, was car insurance for my 1981 Chevy Malibu.

My parents taught me to TITHE and pay my bills!  So that's what I did.

Once a month, we would attend a Youth Rally, in Northeast Ohio for our church fellowship, where I would always prepare an offering to give towards my leader, Rev. Jack Gipson. I brought my TITHES to my local church (which is where your tithes/offerings belong) but I would give a generous offering above my tithes/offering to my leader because I COULD and I WANTED to!

I SOWED into the ministry of my leader because I knew in my spirit it was what God wanted me to do.  There were times that I would write a check for everything I had left in my checking account...because The Lord impressed upon me to trust Him and GIVE.

I SOWED into my LEADER and therefore was SOWING into my FUTURE!  I didn't realize then what God was instilling in me.  He was having me SOW into my FUTURE even when I didn't understand this principle.  

Do you know that that's why it's important to 
be under good teaching and an environment 
that understands Kingdom principles?

God used my leader, to impart unto me WISDOM, GUIDANCE, COVERING, DIRECTION, TRAINING, ANOINTING and so much more!  Today, I'm extremely thankful for the impact that my leader has had on my life.  

Giving COST me!  
Giving was a SACRIFICE!
Giving was an INVESTMENT!
But GIVING gained me what money couldn't buy!  

God used that man to bless me!  I can't begin to tell you all the prayers he prayed over me, while gathered at the altar!  He would lay his hands on my head and speak LIFE!  He spoke into my future!  He spoke into my ministry! 

Friend, if you have a leader that God is using to speak into your future...SOW INTO THEM...because your obedience will put a DEMAND on their anointing and a double portion will overshadow you!

If you don't believe me...just ask the Shunamite woman!  She placed a demand on Elisha's anointing, when she built a prophet's chamber for him.  She didn't even realize that he would be compelled to do something in return for her generosity.  (2 Kings 4)

She did it for the right REASON and in the right SEASON...and look what God did...He gave her...her FUTURE (OFFSPRING)!

I'm not saying you can buy the anointing.  No you cannot.  However, you can position yourself to receive something tangible from God by being willing to SOW your time, talent & treasure into the people whom God is using to prepare the fertile soil of your heart!  

Are you SOWING today?
How's your attitude about it?

If we're not careful, we'll end up having a horrible attitude about SOWING into others, because we think others should be sowing into us, and we'll miss the MIRACLE God wants to release over us.

Don't miss the power of SOWING into your FUTURE!