Friday, November 23, 2018

God Stays Awake So I Can Take A Nap

Have you ever considered that sometimes God will let you be BRUISED in order to be greatly USED? You might as well thank the people that tried to kill you...even in their ignorance God worked it for your good! 🙌🏽

There’s no BATTLE, BETRAYAL, BRUISE or BLAST that can kill the FAVOR of God on your life! The devil is a LIE & I just want him & his cohorts to know that I knew what they didn’t think I knew...and I knew even more than they know about themselves! 🙌🏽 #divinerevelation 

Go ahead & RUN towards your DESTINY! It is the seed of the woman that will bruise the head of the enemy. (Genesis 3:15) God reached into your FUTURE while you were yet in your PAST! He was PROPELLING you while PULLING you dimensionally!!! 🙌🏽

I HEAR what God is SAYING, therefore I SEE what God is SEEING. He’s acquainted with my life & is working things for my GOOD & His GLORY! So, I’ll just rest in Him! 🙌🏽

God stays awake so I can take a nap. (Psalm 121:4) 🙌🏽 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

ThanksLiving Attitude

Thanksgiving isn't just a's an ATTITUDE of the heart. Because of Jesus...we can celebrate our friends, family & freedom every day of the year! God is so good!

Do you have an ATTITUDE of THANKSGIVING?  Depending on what you focus on, your PROBLEMS or your BLESSINGS, will determine what you see.  

Living with an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE means you don't just thank God for what He did in the past, you also thank Him for what He will do in the future.  
  • You thank Him for opening new doors. 
  • You thank Him for increasing you. 
  • You thank Him for bringing the right people into your life. 
When we thank God in ADVANCE, we're DECLARING our faith! Our "thanks" is saying, "God, I'm so sure of your goodness, I'm so sure that You're working in my life that I'm going to THANK YOU right now for what You are going to do tomorrow!"

Never forget...FAITH is what pleases God!  Faith is what moves Him!  Faith is what opens the door for His promises to enter your life. 

Today & every day, choose to have an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE & live every day in THANKSGIVING!

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy & loving-kindness endure forever!" (1 Chronicles 16:34)

Happy ThanksLiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hype Will Give You Cavities

HYPE will give you cavities.
I've been around a little while. In my short journey with Jesus, I've discovered that some people seem to "need" hype & hoopla to sustain their emotionalism.
Spiritual immaturity will make you run from this to that, crave hype, popcorn prophecy, roughness, flashiness, rhymed routines, etc.
I've seen it all before. Sadly, people get hurt in the long-run because it never pans out. It can't. There's no fruit to it. Spiritual health can't be sustained in an environment of constant dessert. Spiritual tooth decay sets in & eventually an extraction has to happen.
Spiritual Maturity understands the value of a well balanced spiritual diet. That's why God has placed in the body five-fold ministry. The offices of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor & Teacher do no compete with each other...they complete each other for the edifying of the body.
Sadly, we see so many self-proclaimed apostles & prophets today bringing confusion with their "words" for everyone. In the end, they'll give an account to God for the confusion they sowed into the minds of vulnerable people....while true pastors are trying to repair the damage done after the teeth have to be extracted & root canals done in order to prevent future disease.
This is the stuff we see happening loosely today. I for one will have no part in it. I can't. When the Holy Ghost gives you a check in your learn to take heed. I can't control what others open themselves up to...but I can control what I allow to enter into the innermost being of my spirit.
Beware beloved. There are many snares out there & some of them look good but it takes true spiritual discernment to know the difference.
Pastor Hylton 

Still Called To Holiness

HOLINESS is what we are. It's who we are. We LIVE a life of sanctification. (Set apart from the world.) We don't TALK like the world or ACT like the world. We are CHRISTIANS.

  • We DO NOT use the initials "mf" in our conversation, posts, etc. We are CHRISTIANS.
  • We DO NOT cuss. We are Christians.
  • We DO NOT pose for pictures with our middle finger up, while trying to add God's name to our posts. This is vulgar & nasty.
  • We must teach our young people that they DO NOT travel overnight together and share a bed. This is called FORNICATION. It is a SIN, and it will send you to HELL. It is UNACCEPTABLE.
  • We must SAVE these young adults who have left HOLINESS and are living in SIN...doing what they think is RIGHT in their own eyes.
  • We DO NOT "like" people's posts that contain nudity, vulgarity & obvious innuendos that are unCHRISTlike. We do not SUPPORT fornication, vulgarity or worldliness.

We are not JUDGING people...the WORD has already JUDGED each of us by our FRUIT. Our opinion or interpretation doesn't matter...ONLY THE SCRIPTURES.
God help us raise people into HOLINESS & teach the TRUTH. God HELP US!
As your pastor...It is my obligation & desire to train you up in the TRUTH of The Word. But sadly, we are dealing with entire generations that have compromised, thus their children have grown up in a "learned" lifestyle where SIN is ACCEPTABLE.
If Pastors refuse to PREACH, no matter how unpopular it makes them, we will continue in a downward spiral of sin.
BUT NOT ON MY WATCH. I GRIEVE when I see this junk. It's an abomination to our Lord. GOD HELP US REGAIN OUR GODLY FEAR!
I'm not perfect...and neither are you....but WE must FORSAKE sin and return to HOLINESS.
Love you very much.
Romans 10:14 "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?"

Don't Even Think About Quitting

Monday, November 12, 2018

Five Things For Monday

1. Over time, I've learned that those who aren't willing to look for SOLUTIONS become aggravated with ANSWERS. After all, if they didn't have something to COMPLAIN about they wouldn't have anything to post on social media.
2. Your TAILOR-MADE problem can't be fixed with an OFF-THE-RACK solution. You need a mentor, with enough wisdom, to FIT you with a seamless strategy.
3. "I can't, it won't work, there's no way, I'm too broke, it's impossible, it's not fair & it's too hard..." aren't SOLUTIONS. Change your VOCABULARY to receive an EXTRAORDINARY answer!
4. You'll exhaust your energy providing SOLUTIONS to a person that needs the PROBLEM so they can have something to complain about.
5. You don't have to beg God to SOLVE your problems, the SOLUTION has already been supplied - Hebrew 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."