Monday, November 2, 2020

Dear Young Preacher

The need to prove your worth can stem from a lack of affirmation.

When you recognize this & you're willing to process it, you will realize ultimately that your worth comes from Christ IN you...not the opinions of other people.

Obviously, we all desire someone to believe in us. (e.g., parents, friends, employer, teachers, pastors, mentors, leaders, family, etc.)

But what if you never have the affirmation of those people? Can you still walk in confident humility, reach for your goals & be your best without their support? Can you reach down within yourself & tap into your God placed seed of value?

As a parent, it is my responsibility & desire to prepare & promote my child to discover their God-given greatness! I affirm my child with positive reinforcement, discipline & opportunities that cultivate their self-esteem, tenacity & awareness of God's DNA in their life. Parents desire their children to exceed their own limitations by enabling them to see farther & go further.

This is also one of the reasons we are in desperate need of SPIRITUAL FATHERS. Sons need Fathers/Mothers in The Kingdom of God who will LOVE them, HELP them, PREPARE them, BELIEVE in them & SHOW them the way.

In the United States - 19.7 million children, more than 1 in 4, live without a father in the home. Consequently this crisis has affected our children in the following ways:

• Poverty
• Teen Pregnancy
• Behavioral Problems
• Child Abuse
• Substance Abuse
• Incarceration
• Child Obesity
• Crime
• Education

These are mere "natural" effects. But what about the Spiritual effects? The one I above mentioned is the "Need To Affirm" ourselves. See, when you haven't been affirmed by a father, you'll spend a lot of your energy trying to PROVE who you are by the THINGS you do. You end up deriving your worth based on WHAT you do rather than WHO you are.

I have determined to be a Spiritual Father...even when there have been times that I felt like walking away from that role. One of the qualifications for being a FATHER is that you are also a SON. Sonship births Fatherhood. (Spiritually speaking). If you can't or won't be a SEATED SON then serving in the Kingdom of God as a Spiritual Father is beyond your reach.

One thing that a Spiritual Father does is that they remain on the porch. They don't go chasing after sons. They make a path for sons to find their way to & from home. (Launching Pad / Home Base) It's under the covering of a Spiritual Father that ministries are birthed & sent. The DNA of a Father must be in the sending & birth of any qualified ministry. This is the way God builds generationally. Apostolic Alignment stems from this principle. Without it, at best we masquerade a bastard ministry under the sheer veil of a renegade zeal.

Be yourself.
Allow others to brag on you.
Be comfortable in your own skin.
Don't name drop.
Take care of unfinished business.
Receive correction.
Be patient.

See, when you know WHO you are & WHOSE you are, you're able to settle in your own skin. You won't need to SHOWBOAT by bragging on your ACCOMPLISHMENTS, trying to get more FANS on Instagram or name dropping WHO you know. When you know WHO you are & WHO your FATHER can sit on the back row & be comfortable without being asked to be seated in the VIP section. :)

There is great PEACE & FREEDOM in processing this in your life. In fact, I think it's one of the things you'll have to master on your journey.

Blessings to you friends!
You are LOVED!
You are VALUED!

Remain humble, submitted & willing to serve wherever & whenever. You're right where God wants you! Make the most of every assignment! It's all rolled up into one journey of faith!