Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Increase or Decrease in 2019?

You can't sow "DISHONOR" seed & call it a "JUST BEING TRUTHFUL" seed. You may not know the difference but your HARVEST will.

When you LEAD, the same people who honor & BENEFIT from your gift may dishonor & discredit you. Seek validation from God alone.

It aggravates the DISHONORABLE to see those they’ve dishonored being HONORED. Their only recourse is to cast shade.

Mark my words…DISHONOR can never produce by IMITATION what HONOR received by IMPARTATION.

I cannot give AFFIRMATION to anyone who has admittedly been DISHONORABLE but continued UNREPENTANT & UNCHANGED.

Before you start a MINISTRY, CHURCH or BUSINESS…understand that if you begin in strife & dishonor you're doomed to fail. Begin with clean hands & a pure heart & God will BLESS you. Take care of your UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

Dear Sons in the Faith: HONOR is a big deal to God. Master it. Give where it’s due. DISHONOR closes doors & forfeits inheritances.

Business owner, Pastor, Entrepreneur, etc., NEVER & I repeat NEVER pay someone to DISHONOR you. Their familiarity will erode your ability to promote them & their ability to go with you.

Age does not automatically guarantee wisdom. Wisdom is linked to 
HUMILITY, HONOR for God & RESPECT for others. Wise people have learned to take nothing for granted.

You can DECREASE FAVOR in your life when you become…

·      Comfortable
·      Familiar
·      Entitled
·      Apathetic
·      Ungrateful
·      Critical
·      Resentful or
·      Deceived about your importance

Allow God to INCREASE FAVOR in your life in 2019 by living a FAVORABLE life. 

It’s The Day After Christmas...

1. I still have Peace & Joy because I know the Prince Of Peace & the One who said Joy can remain in me. 

2. One day of the year isn’t a “magical” escape from reality for me. I serve a God who is Omnipresent & Who has ordered my steps each & everyday. He has given me good healthy relationships 24/7...not just during a “holiday.”

3. I didn’t go into debt, buying gifts, with hopes of trying to impress people or compete with someone else’s spending spree. I actually bought common things for my family & friends that they already use & needed restocked. 

4. I’m very much content today because I didn’t seek to receive some kind of “emotional high” from an anticipated reaction to whether my gift was appreciated or not. 

5. I won’t be standing in any lines to return anything. If I can’t use what I’ve received from others, I’ll pass it along to someone I know who can. 

6. My thinking isn’t so distorted to believe that my kid(s) need so many toys & gadgets that I have to cram piles of things into closets & fill entire rooms with what will literally be played with for 3 minutes & forgotten about but will take 6 months to pay for. (Hope no one did that this year.)

7. It’s the day after Christmas & I am still the same person, doing the same thing, living the same Jesus centered life...with an expectation of Christ’s return! 

8. I’m loving my family & friends. I appreciate true covenant relationships & I’m blessed to have breath in my lungs. I’m an old dirty sinner who’s received mercy & grace so that I can inherit eternal life. I’m so thankful!!

9. You don’t have to feel let down today. Go on living the Jesus life! Remain in peace, because you have The Prince Of Peace! Go back to work with the same focus. Be upbeat!

10. Rain or shine, your best days are ahead of you! Each day is bringing you closer to eternity! Live life to the fullest! Love people! Share with others! Be kind! Stay focused! Don’t let anyone drag you back into the have a bright future...because of JESUS!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Generous Christmas

I have vivid memories during Christmas especially of my father’s generosity. As a boy, my father didn't have much. His parents survived the Great Depression & he was raised at the head of the holler, in the Appalachian mountains. What he lacked in material blessings he made up for in the amount of love & generosity he experienced in his home. 

I am a witness to the empathy my father has to those in need. Other people seem to sense it too. Neighbors & strangers have come out of nowhere & walked right up to my dad as if guided to him by a Heavenly hand. 
I remember one particular Christmas, dad knew about a family that was having a hard time. He loaded up our car with groceries & presents to make sure that family was cared for.  
That was just one example out of many, I witnessed growing up. Dad just seemed to be able to discern where true needs were. It’s the way he’s lived all these years. 
Sadly we live in a day where some people steal what you’re giving away. For example, if the church is giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving, (one per family) some people will sneak & take more than their share without even blinking while doing it. They take from others, disregard the rules & steal. That is the difference between need & greed. 
There will always be people who work the system, know how to pull on your heart strings & mooch off of everyone...but even still...may we remain generous in spirit. God will show us who to help & who is helping themselves. 
My father is a generous man with a giving heart. He believes the best in people & gives them the benefit of the doubt. I’ve seen him share whatever he has everywhere he’s went & discover the true joy of Christmas.
This year, I encourage you to discover the true joy of Christmas by sharing what you have with others. Maybe you aren't in a position to buy someone groceries & presents, but you have something you can give. Even a word of encouragement can mean the world to someone who needs to hear it. Just keep your heart open & look for ways to be a blessing. Let God use you in a special way this Christmas & every day of the year!
"A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25

Friday, December 21, 2018

The “Art” Of Preaching

When did preaching the Gospel become an "ART"?  

Sure, there are amazing communicators who possess the skill of timing & eloquence who can hit their cues, captivate crowds & garner an emotional response. I'm "all in" when someone skillfully uses their gift to communicate.

However, talent & skill pale in comparison to an AUTHENTIC ANOINTING that is raw & spirit unctioned...where the "anointing" draws out of the deep place within a person & inspires their natural effort to be transformed into a supernatural outflow.

A polished "talk", speech or motivational elocution is ear pleasing & has its place but so does raw & unrehearsed expressions.

Let's not make such a big deal over the "art" of someone's PREACHING to the degree that their "deliverance" is preferred over another persons simply because of "style." 

Whoever God is using to "PREACH" (declare) the WORD...may our hearts be open to receive the engrafted Word of God into our spirit, for the express purpose of REVELATION, INSPIRATION, INSTRUCTION & ACTION irregardless if someone can "hoop" or "holler"!

The ANOINTING shouldn't be defined by the "style" of someone's vocal expression. I'm more concerned about the CONTENT & CONVICTION of what a person has to say then their SHOWMANSHIP or ANTICS.

We are ALL called to preach...some just do it in a pulpit. Let your life PREACH (proclaim the Gospel) in all you do! You don't need a PULPIT with a MIC in your hand to accomplish it. Your PLATFORM for ministry is EVERYWHERE YOU GO, EVERYTHING YOU DO & EVERYTHING YOU SAY.

Sure...we all have our favorite FLAVOR...but Don't fall into the trap of FAVORING someone's FLAVOR over another simply because of their DELIVERY. Mature people can LEARN & GLEAN (I call it "GLEARN") from anyone. 

It's time to GRADUATE from PRE-SCHOOL to at least the ELEMENTARY level in our understanding. 

Pastor Russell Hylton



Thursday, December 13, 2018

10 Things

1. I don't have to PREACH my convictions...I simply LIVE them.
2. UNEQUALLY YOKED = Partnership with a person who values this world's wisdom while you're trying to honor & live by God's wisdom.
3. Quit saying, "Don't be JUDGING don't know me like that." Boo Boo, the WORD of God has already judged your actions irregardless of anyone else's witness to your lifestyle.
4. Amazed at the number of people that want to meet for one-on-one counseling who never bother to attend church. They got this backward.
5. Some believers need to download the new HOLY GHOST operating system. The version they have is missing commitment & devotion.
6. GRACE doesn't give me an excuse not to live right.
7. It is an OXYMORON to say, "I just want more of God's presence" while we're knowingly living in sin.
8. If the CHURCH was to ever get our "Jesus Doctrine" right the world would never dismiss us. They'd either love us or hate us...but they couldn't dismiss us!
9. Stop complaining about the COST & realize that you are being pulled UP. You don't have time to argue when you're a living sacrifice.
10. The REASON that you're THERE is more important than the SEASON that you're THERE. Stop complaining so you can GROW!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Don’t Lose Your Prophetic Voice

When the angel appeared to Zechariah & told him to name his unborn son "John", Zechariah contested. When he did, he lost his ability to speak. 

When Elizabeth wanted to name her child John, the whole family looked to Zechariah to name him after himself. After all, John wasn’t a name in the family. 

Zechariah couldn’t speak so he wrote, "His name is John." Immediately he was filled with the Holy Ghost & began to prophesy! 

When we stop arguing with God & yield to His instruction, we too will be given a prophetic voice concerning our future!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Don’t Let Your Mouth Cause You To Sin

"Don’t shoot off your mouth, or speak before you think. Don’t be too quick to tell God what you think he wants to hear. God’s in charge, not you--the less you speak, the better." Ecclesiastes‬ ‭5:2‬ ‭MSG‬‬ 

Solomon reminds us in this chapter that God is in charge...not us. 

When we think we’re in charge...we end up talking way too much & potentially...our MOUTH ends up getting us in trouble...especially when we make vows we don’t intend to keep. 

Often, we make judgements based on feelings & emotions rather than facts. We assume to know more than we do. When that happens, we set ourselves up for internal strife within our own selves & even others. Sadly, those internal wranglings end up affecting others externally who are completely unaware of our inner struggle. 

Friend, allow the Holy Ghost to put a filter on your emotions & especially your MOUTH...else you’ll grieve Him as well as those around you. In other words, by principle of even this passage, don’t let your mouth cause you to sin. 


Thursday, December 6, 2018

You Are Valuable!

1. Don’t waste your time trying to be successful, spend your time creating VALUE. When you’re valuable to those around you, you will be successful.
2. Don't DEVALUE yourself just because someone else did not recognize your VALUE.
3. I've learned that when you are new, people seem to VALUE you. Once they get used to you, you can become an OPTION.
4. At times, you will feel WORN OUT. But it will be WORTH it! God is about to get more VALUE out of your life!
5. Never waste your time pouring the best of who you are into people that don't VALUE who you are.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Make Room For Me

Isaac reopened the wells of his father Abraham, after the Philistines filled them with dirt.
Once he honored his father's legacy, then he began digging his own wells.
Along the way he encountered, JEALOUSY, ARGUING & HOSTILITY. However, he endured it without RAILING back at his enemies...who thought they were going to destroy him with their "dirt" slinging.
Isaac kept on prospering because he was OBEDIENT during the famine! God brought him to Rehoboth and MADE ROOM for him!
Friend, God wants to bring you into your REHOBOTH SEASON! Believe will come when you MOVE on from the attacks of people who are JEALOUS, ARGUMENTATIVE & HOSTILE!
His Rehoboth season prepared him for his BEERSHEBA (Maturity & Completion) SEASON!
My heart is still full from Sunday!

Five Things - Mantle

1. You can be gifted, talented, called of God & make an impact...but a MANTLE is only gained through HONOR.
2. Elijah tested Elisha to see if he would follow without knowing, before he gave him a double portion of his MANTLE.
3. Do not expect a MANTLE, if you've never pushed a PLOW.
4. When you're MANTLED & MANDATED with a God assignment, others who are needed for the fulfillment of that task will be drawn by that MANTLE.
5. It's possible that God is fulfilling a promise He made to your parents concerning you. Accept the MANTLE of success & do them proud.