Saturday, June 20, 2020

Don't Live Life In Reverse

Saddens me to see people do things backwards. We should do all we can to help people do better & be better as they are charting their life.
Sometimes, folks don't have the understanding or upbringing to point them in the right direction. And sometimes people don't want to listen to instruction, so they end up living life in reverse.
I believe that when you have it in your power to elevate someone's mindset, seat them in the room of greater & expose them to "more" - you raise them up!
You can't make people want it or to even do it for themselves. But you can offer it.
I don't buy this excuse, "My parents didn't teach me or I wasn't raised to know any better." We are too far along in society for that to be the "go to" excuse. We must educate ourselves. I can't look back & blame my parents or their parents for what I didn't get. Once I have "knowledge" I must then do something with it. Standing around with my hand out, expecting everyone to cater to me, is not a viable option as long as I'm physically & mentally able to provide for myself. I haven't even addressed the spiritual aspect.
The saying, "When we know better, we should do better" is true in many aspects. However, once a person receives knowledge (with comprehension), the choice is theirs on what to do with it. You can give 10 people a tool box, filled with tools, but only those who open the box & decide to use the tools to build will actually do something beyond what they've always known.
This is why we need SPIRITUAL FATHERS & MOTHERS! We are in desperate need of mentors & coaches to help the generation, coming after us, to understand SCRIPTURAL PRINCIPLES above all! I may be able to teach a "trade", a "skill", "techniques", etc., but what this generation needs, for ETERNITY, is THE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.
They say "Knowledge is power." This is true to a certain degree. Someone can have knowledge but that doesn't mean they obey truth. You can empower yourself right into HELL although you had knowledge.
I digress.
Let's help people, especially young people, do better. Don't give up on them. You were once stubborn yourself.
Pastor Hylton