Tuesday, June 18, 2024

What You Value, You Honor

What you value, you honor.

You cannot truly honor someone & try to control or belittle them. True honor is manifested when we celebrate the gift(s) someone is to us through our actions.

If we do not place value on the gift we have, we will end up losing that gift because we could not discern it's value properly.

I've seen organizations, churches, companies, etc., lose valuable leadership, that was postured to lead them from NOW to NEXT, because they didn't recognize the gift they had.

What a sad commentary of antiquity, when the whims of history distort the path of destiny. We can lock ourselves up in the trappings of Rip Van-winkle when everything that comes out of our mouth is, "yesterday, yesterday, yesterday".

Every living thing is either GROWING or DYING.

The FOOT does not need the permission of the SHOE, to grow.

May we examine our culture of anything that is hindering the organic growth needed to PRODUCE more than lethargy.

Russell Hylton